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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape
Song:   Watch That Nigga
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* sned corrections to the typist

Yeah, uh huh, yo.... yo

I ain't a sucka ass nigga
Don't talk on the pillow
Like most of these faggot ass niggas
Write a rap, make a beat
Occasional beef, no doubt, I'ma squeeze that trigga
Now P', that's my doggy, got drama I'm co-signin'
The new times, shovin' a fork in your nose linin'
In no time, when you catch the gaurd nappin'
Thats a dog standin' next to him
Get shot and cut your frag in
I'm a bastard, from the cradle to the casket
Leave a bitch stuck like traffic
When I come through, king me and this mine's
Got a problem?  See me and step aside
Beef never let it slide, I forever for ride
Always analyze a nigga when he cut his eyes
Not for nuttin' though these slugs love a tough guy
Nigga's wann' brawl, I'll be much obliged

Chorus (X2): Havoc (Prodigy)
Watch that nigga (Better watch that nigga)
Watch that bitch (Better watch that bitch)
Watch my clique (Better watch my clique)
Real quick how we dumpin' those clips (We dumpin' those clips)

I'm from the era of the 70's
But this is for the peoples that was born in the 80's and 90's
New shit for the 2000's kids
My little niggas, and lil chicks
Bang this in your walkmans and mp3's
Or my internet junkies downloadin' Mobb Deep
If you broke, yeah get the bootleg, that's on me
As long as you spreadin' the word, it's all peace
Got enough fans that'll hit the HMV, or the FYE
The Wiz and Sam Goodie plus the Warehouse got our sounds
Let's not forget the Mom's and the Pop's, they like our biggest accounts
It's a prime demand, we got enough to go around
We provide that gangsta in exchange for that amount
Shorty, if you not hip to me you better +Get Shorty+
And for of those that is, you best check for me

(Chorus X2)