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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  Free Agents - The Murda Mixtape
Song:   Can't Fuck With Us (Freestyle)
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

{*opening gunshot courtesy DJ Whoo Kid*}

[Havoc] Can't fuck with us!

Aiyyo Hav', it's on man!
Bout to shut this bitch down {*NON STOP*} knahmean?

Yeah man aiyyo yo yo
Okay sit up straight in your seats, pay attention now
We teach you niggaz some things about this lifestyle
we live, plus eat sleep and shit
Stash box in the crib, we doin this to death
Throw a matchbook at your wiz, after we finish
One gasoline bath, man that bitch fried chicken
Homey that's what you get when you fuck with my niggaz
We dumpin your Roley pop loose and we ain't even want it
Niggaz hearts get took, and that's how we on it
Put that bullshit to rest, and never dwell on it
Got me sittin on the toilet, takin a shit
With my gun in my hand cause a nigga cautious
Got the hammer on me, gettin searched by police
Takin chances, I'd rather that than be a lawsuit
In the jungle they pick opportunities to touch you
Send you home horizontal in a box comfortable

[repeat 2X]
You thugs couldn't handle the thugs I run with
Ain't got enough slugs for the guns we bust with
All y'all niggaz is herbs in our eyes for real
Niggaz wanna talk gangsta?  You see me when you get killed

Why should I remind y'all, that niggaz 'ready know
Mobb is instinct with that ready blow, homey
Want drama {*BANG!*} then slugs I let 'em go (yea yea)
Rapid fire on that ass with a steady flow the hammer's
on standby victory's a landslide, fuck's my name?
Havoc and I bring that shit e'ry game
I got game for a bitch, leave a baby on her lip
Leave my mark in your town from that thing on my hip
Give a fuck who you go and get, now get this
Niggaz wanna swim I drown 'em in they own SHIT (shit)
Blood and piss, she pretty I'ma thug the bitch
And never fall in love with it (nah)
Catch me, merkin the 7 with the limo tint
Alone I'm an armed forced, I'm so militant
With the pound in the stash box, getcha the lip
like a backed up lesbian bitch, strapped with a dick!