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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  Hardball Soundtrack
Song:   Play
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Uh-huh (Yeah) Yo
It's this little shorty, knowhaI'mean
It's real (It's like it's rough)
What I'm supposed to do ya'know (It's real rough baby)
Yo, (Hold ya head, hold ya head dunn) Yeah

It's bad enough I gotta grow up the fast way
These things going on got me thinkin they the last days
Tryin to come up, but shorty with a plan
Doin my best but can't see the promise in my land
These older cats wildin out over turf dog
I'm caught in the middle and it can't get worse
Just the other day I saw my homie wheeled off in a hearse
So used to it, it don't even hurt
My heart's numb, guess that's the Dunn Dunn
Can't speak on it, 'less you been where I come from
Stuck like bubble gum with no help from anyone
Moms got four others -- my four younger brothers
We're not supposed to do the tender age of ten
Dog, we're in the same boat I can't turn to my friends
Fore I lay me down to sleep pray to God that I'll see the next day
and do my best, hope these streets don't get me

CHORUS: Havoc (Prodigy) 2x

(It's real) Keep that park open
Baby I just wanna play
(Uh-huh) Keep that park open
Baby I just wanna play
(No doubt) Keep that park open
Baby I just wanna play
(That's right) Keep that park open
Baby I just wanna play

Yo' baby, I'm strugglin for crumbs, survivin the unheard of
Growin up amongst the violence and drugs
Growin up against the world and such (Uh-huh)
We the young black future of the world and plus
We the team that'll crush anybody you bring
We the one that's gon' hold it down, it's no thing no sweat
It barely take no strength, you cowards ain't built for this
(And it's real) All we wanna do is hit the park
Play all day and night without a care in the world
But it's drama in my hood, sho' it's hard to chill
You gotta stay on point and sharp as hell
Dunn, we just wanna have fun
I just wanna be with my dawgs, cuz we all we got
Don't why it is, but that's how it is
I just wanna be with my clique cuz that's where I fit


(It's real) Where do I turn to, who do I console in?
I know I'm just a shorty but I want my wrist frozen nice
As I sat and thought many a nights
I could do the right thing or get read my rights
It's life, in the hood
Everything that look, it ain't
I stole base, now I'm runnin from home plate
Runnin from jake, sweat runnin down my face
And I can pay for every move I make

Just enjoy your youth, you only live once
Lil' dunn control yourself, learn discipline
And show some respect for others
Shit is serious on the street, you playin with fire
Concentrate on yourself and don't follow nobody
Hit them school books, so you ain't gotta borrow no money
These is jewels for you that you gon' wear forever
From us to y'all, now listen up to pa


[Woman singer]
Mothers child
Has to go and travel into the wild
Lord she had a heavenly sky
Sweet saint he Lord
Thank you God