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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  Love Y'all More (S)
Song:   Love Y'all More
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Prodigy]
Through the thick and the thin
Strong and the wrong
We love y'all 'cause y'all love us
We love y'all more
We love you more, we love you more
Through the thick and the thin
We gone remain strong
We do these songs for you
'Cause we love y'all
Love us back, and we love y'all more

[Verse 1: Prodigy]
Well, well, damn it to hell
Fuck is Mobb Deep
We all been at scraps
Rechargin the batteries
Had to regroup, reboot the system, press reset
Fresh start right from where we started at
We only go forward, we never go backwards
Sometimes you gotta step outside to look in
Got a eagle eye view, and a vulture's mentality
A poor man's lifestyle, a rich man's salary
Yea that new shit, you need to get with the times
The Infamous life and times of Havoc and P
This real music and substance, these other fools shallow
Feel it from the speakers down to your bone marrow
See the audience is my love, and I would be a liar
If I ain't say our love lost a little bit of fire
But here, take my hand, and we gone keep it blazin' hot
The hate in our relationship never stops


[Verse 2: Havoc]
I feel so alive, like it's overtime
I beat the buzzer, rediscover the hunger
Five last of a dying breed, still in the jungle where the lions be
Son you know right where to find me
On the corner or the office, M-O-B bosses
[?] not talkin' 'cause the sour got us coughin'
My swag got 'em nauseous
Hurry kid I been told that P home
I gotta go and niggas ain't tryin' spoil it
Fuck bitches, get money, got a fetish for this looty
You a short film while we make movies
Repeat my lips, read my lips
We got clips to heat our spit
Don't give a fuck about the jealousy, them female emotions
You know that I be knowin', gotta put it where they dome is
Devour like a bunch of locust, son I'm so focused
I leave these niggas dead where they stand, these niggas hopeless