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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  Gangstaz Roll 12"
Song:   Gangstaz Roll
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It is all so simple just add it all up
My mail box is on fire cuz my check don't stop
Pockets full of chunky black, can't fuck with these crop
That these niggaz be smoking, straight that we are
Might catch me in burgundy chair, my shirt blocking
With fresh with my bandana and Tims we outta here
Pushing to the limit like Montana did
Army bags full of money, bullet proof this!
And that too, put some in the roof
Niggaz be shooting from windows, we untouchable
Yea we is rich thugs that shoot of clubs
Make albums that click more than little drugs
Infamous cuz, or if you a blood
You going to need that bandana for your head you go at us
No shit our songs bump, and girls show us love
Cuz they know who big, ya'll got love

I gotta have the big chain or the watch yo - Prodigy
That's how gangstaz roll - Havoc
I need me a big phatty, straight video hoe - Prodigy
That's how gangstaz roll - Havoc
Back sit at the black truck with the black rims yo - Prodigy
That's how gangstaz roll - Havoc
In the club with my gat what! we got this shit sold - Prodigy
That's how gangstas roll

Yo you ain't clapping nothing, splashing nothing, letting nothing die
Real niggaz never advertise to fuck is on they mind
It will never stop until they get at bringing shit at where yo live
Til there other drama with on the floor done
Out of there before the siren, bounce dismantle your eyeing
Lost count how many times these bitch niggaz flying
Give a fuck shoot his ass at the little thing
The principal, minuscule my gun is still rang
You ain't flipping nothing making cheddar, ya'll niggaz broke
Broke guns, broke duns, ya'll got jokes
Yea I'ma hammer fiend when in need let it smoke
When you bitches act up, it relax even more
Pretty sure niggaz know they don't  don't put it more
When they finally figure it out, his slow ass gone
Yea you running with 'em, dime with 'em, try to switch team
And get your motherfucker head get blow off clean