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Artist: Mobb Deep f/ 50 Cent, Mary J. Blige
Album:  Blood Money
Song:   It's Alright
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[50 Cent]
M-J-B... M-O-B-B... Fitty... It's Alright..
Your loves in 187 baby it's alright... it's alright...
when we beefin' we ain' speakin', feels like I'm dyin' inside, but it's alright...
forget the trials and tribulations you been through in your life...
come to me runnin' trust me baby I make it right...

You with me lil' mama, let's breeze lil' mama
we start with a lil' bit and take it to a lotta that
love gettin' hotter you can if you wanna
have it all it's yours just ask and you got it
the trillion cuts, the Audi and Porsche trucks
I do these things for you cuz you my dunn
girl, feel special cause I don't spend
nuttin but time with certain other broads I rip
you belong in minks, bracelets and rings
not handcuffs forget about that locket chain
and just leave lil' mama, this P lil' mama
I ain't them, I'm me lil' mama
my baby, you crazy and I'm hooked
your body right, your smile light up the room
that man you got, that nigga's a fool
guess one man's trash is a next man's jewel

[Chorus: Mary J. Blige / 50 Cent]
This is my way to live (It's alright)
but it's the way it is (It's alright)
you got to understand (It's alright)
that I never could trust a man (It's alright)
but I got to let it go (It's alright)
and stop livin' (It's alright)... in the past (It's alright)
give you a chance (It's alright), give you a chance...

Yo, yo...
When we first middle sex fif, knew that you was that chick
wooly sayin' holla at her, whip sayin' girl get in
remind me of a women that, I can have without the stress
asked if she had a man, couldn't tell if no or yes
hell, I jus dipped her number and talked more
when I hit you one conversation, I knew that she had trust issues
who the hell would do that, man cheated on her twice
last one before that, found out homie had a wife
looked so secure, but yet so delicate
can't come back in the crib without a search for evidence
baby girl, I ain't here to hurt you, here to protect and serve you
ain't your fool model them other dudes don't deserve you
what you tryin' to do, scare me off and leave you low
funny how you let it ring and never answer your phone
the accuser got me curious, I asked who it was
he like the "sold-a-soul" man, who the fuck you cuz? I'm out...


[Mary J. Blige]
Everytime I hurt you it's because of what someone else has done to me
and I know its not really fair
though I just can't trust you cuz I just got outta something I'm not running
boy you know that I'm running scared
you treat me so good that its just too good to be true
and I don't think that I really deserve
to be treated like a woman should
cuz I been so hurtin' the past I'm still carryin' bags

[50 Cent]
We can ball to the fullest baby... it's alright... it's alright...
you can style if you want, go ahead stunt... it's alright.. it's alright...
if it's diamonds you like go ahead pick 'um up... it's alright... it's alright...
get the first Bentley spurs His & Hers... it's alright... it's alright...