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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  The Infamous Archives
Song:   My Priorities
Typed by: DaSun Akbar

[Intro: Prodigy]
Oh-Yea, we here - that's right, my niggaz light that shit up
Light your shit up, oh-yea, oh-yea
Tappin' bottles back that, spit lines for the homies
That's R.I.P., you feel me? Aiight let's learn these niggaz sumtin'
We gon' run down the line like this...

Before I get the watch - I get the big glock
Before I step foot in the V - I get the stash box
No matter the casin', I'm bringin' the heat
Take my kids to Sesame Place, I'm bringin' my heat
Fo'sho, you neva know it might pop off
Better safe than sorry, niggaz could neva rob me
Or reach the hand toward me and in any type fashion
Fuck what you heard or think my shit blastin'
We hittin' the club; I get my contraband
You fuckin' wit us? You'd rather suck madd dick
Before I squeeze I aim at your hat then
Without hesitation, turn your shit backwards
Soon as I purchase my kicks; I put the gemstars in
So if they lock me up; my razor makes madd hits
Before I die, the world gon' hear me
And make me rich, my kids will be filthy

[Chorus: Prodigy]
Priorities; put my gun on, I'm ready for the day
Two; tryin' hit you before you hit me
C; he a good nigga, don't call cross P
Four; balance my hatred and love more
E; tryin' to stay alive, only live once
Six; neva let fear control me dunn
G; make the money, money neva made me
Eight; live by four, it should be straight

Ayo, nigga I don't shoot cars up or dawgs up
That shit I did when I was sixteen, word up!
That's child play now I gotta taste for blood
I gotta see some meat hangin' 'fore the jobs well done
I need to see a nigga drop 'fore I make my gun stop
And before I start shootin', I make sure you hop
Niggaz wind me up and wind me up
'Til I pop up on your scene like Jack in the Box
With the two toppings, cuttin' at you up like butter
VA style nigga your meat get smothered
Mobb style nigga me and my blood brothers kill
Pretty boy, rappers if their songs speak others
Oh you shot niggaz before? That's cool wit me
'Cause you gon' need experience tunnin' wit P
Before I came to QB, I was already thug
Before all this rap shit, I was already bugged

[Chorus: Prodigy]