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Artist: Mobb Deep f/ Cormega
Album:  The Infamous Archives
Song:   Crime Connection
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You can't fuck with this, y'know I know
Bring your whole team kid
Yeah dunn

Yo, I love my niggas for that
We strike back, handle business, test the realist
Stay focused and keep the enemy near us
Niggas is careless, slipping up, switching up teams
Crossing over and getting stuck for their cream
Fronting like their skills is superb and got the nerve
To get knocked the fuck out, then kicked to the curb
That's for you and your whole click, you roll thick
More the better, so like a thick bitch you getting whipped
Shitted on, scuffed off a Mobb Deep song
Take your thug off, you had it on a bit too long
Tuck your chain in, you getting gat
for you fourteen karat slum gold cubic zirconian {?}
Talk about it, be about it, you ain't been doing it
So don't start, matter of fact keep it moving
When it's on, accumulate like cancer cells
With advanced shells, leave a snitch dead, son he can't tell
Like a Viking we striking, reconstructing maps
Planting QB flags, son we want to visualize picture
Analyze, situate another better patient
A cardiac arrest state of mind
You must be out your motherfucking mind
Put you out of misery, short your lifetime
expectancy, didn't even reach twenty-three
First class shot, special delivery
No doubt you wanna leave before you wet your own crib
Talk out the ass at your own risk
And won't give one fuck, two mysterious Chevy trucks
Filled with black cats, crossing your path, that's bad luck
Everyone has a destiny, so we destine
To make the best outa life, crime connection

Yo, I send shots to any man who come too close
Niggas get folded like a letter then shipped across coast
Who goes to go against my militant crime militia?
Like these street niggas sending missiles to hit ya
Up from the ground up son, you get the picture
If not, write it down, take a picture
Botanical exotic shit keep me lifted, something retarded
You fucking up my high beefing, don't get me started
Too late, I'm already on your ass
Beat the fuck out anybody with you, and anybody that grab me
Move back, we attack like pits locked in basements
Hungry for blood, deranged this
The craziest type of shit you ever seen in your life
Nigga bled to death, standing up holding his life
Applying pressure to his wounds tryna stop the blood loss
Found laying in a pool of the shit, his own fault
It's P the exulted from NYC
You get extremely cut the fuck up by Scar thee
Who can't recognize? Do I have to prove all the time?
And get up close and personal in front of your eyes
See me dipped in down-low, ready for action, crept slow
Moved on your enterprise and crash your stock
Put a hold on your assets and dug your pop
National Geographic niggas is known for flipping
This animal wildlife surround me I live in
And flow through the jungle at night on expedition
I gotta jump for that live shit 
Survivors of block wars and crime niggas know what I talk
In a black Tahoe, throw it in four-low to blow the scene dancing
Doing bout a hundred all the way to Queens

It seems like getting ahead lead being dead or in the feds
I kept a Glock in my shoebox under my bed
And had dreams to bag ki's and fill duffel bags with mad Gs
Parley in a condo with a warm breeze and palm trees
My projects is like a fucking Vietnam scene
And my team be repping, setting it with shit
that'll rip through vests, flexing Diamantes
When it's on I regulate shit the calm way
Yo I'm smooth like a drop top Benz with fat rims
I made moves in war gear and black Timbs
And laid low, cause I was tryna stay paid yo
Pumping minerals to criminals called yayo
The drug blocks, full of unseen riches
and snitches, guns blast to cops flashing pictures
Son asking, can he get a packet
And took a loss when a new task force snatched him
Nine's and Tec's, my hollow-heads outlined your vest
My only fear twenty-five years and death

[Outro] {X2}
Ill minds connected, crime connection
Never bring beef in my direction kid
Cormega and Mobb Deep supply your section
With the infamous realness, don't try to test it