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Artist: Mobb Deep
Album:  The 1994 Infamous Sessions
Song:   Skit Mobb Deep 1995
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

We're here with - Mobb Deep!
Wassup fellas?

[Mobb Deep]
Yeah chill Prodigy

Yo wassup?

[Mobb Deep]
Yeah this Havoc whattup?

So Mobb Deep where you guys been?
I know uhh, last year you guys dropped uhh
"Peer Pressure" then y'all had another song after that
And y'all kinda vanished, y'all moved to another label
What's been goin on?

[Mobb Deep]
Uhh y'knahmsayin
Basically we just left our label to get to a better one y'know?
Took a little break to try get another record deal

So tell us about the new single

[Mobb Deep]
The new single called "Shook Ones" y'knahmsayin?
And, it's out there in the stores on this Loud compilation shit
But umm, they got a little video for it
I don't know if it's out here in Virginia but it's in

We got it, we got it

[Mobb Deep]
Aight! We got the little video, peep that it's type fat
The album called "The Infamous"
It be out there probably around March sometime
We did all the production basically, with the help of Q-Tip

So um, what what's next first?
I know you gotta have the video droppin
You got the um, got the album droppin
Anything else gon' be happenin
You guys producin other groups or anything?

[Mobb Deep]
Yeah that's what we workin on like production really
Help y'knahmsayin we been that's
From the time of our last album that's what we've been doin
All this time period, workin on our BEATS
Production, workin on our rhymes and shit
It's all good now we ready to start producin other niggaz

So how would you describe the uh, the Mobb Deep sound?

[Mobb Deep]
Well it's like an underground sound knahmsayin?
What make us different that we definitely
we keepin it real with our music knahmsayin?