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Artist: Mean Green f/ UGK
Album:  Mean Green Presents Major Players Compilation
Song:   Tossed Up
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[Pimp C] (Bun-b)
hol up..smoke something bitch
keep your mind on your money (keep my mind on my money)
I represent UGK river, know what I'm talking bout (black owned)
independent and black owned (smoked up)
smoke on something
so get your mind right

uhhh, I'm young motherfucking sweet jones
pimpin the six
gotta yellow bone bitch cooking me serving bricks
since I was 17 I've been a legend in texas
screaming fuck the police and blowing dough in the lexus
I saw your video nigga, you're slow and sloppy
spent 500,000 on a carbon copy
while I was smoking with the young soldiers in the caddy
yall fucking off your money trying to be puff daddy
i'm a OG rock baller
I know some nigga that a bust 17 off in your impala
you fuck them hoes and pay em top dollar
I'm still down with lil J I gotta the money and the fucking power

chorus x 2
now all you niggas talking shit you getting tossed up
and all of these hoes that's on the dick they getting tossed up
we got them cookies and them bricks they getting tossed up
so don't you be bout nothing slick you getting tossed up

[verse 2]
yall niggas done fucked up and called up some treal niggas
niggas who ain't scared to put 6 in your Hilfiger
deal wit a nigga like a swisha and split him down the middle
remind a motherfucker who the real hard hitter
gold diggers for cheese jealous and in keys keeping berretas
for them playing hating fellas what the fuck can you tell us
driving benzs with mo mos hoes sucking our toes
cause they know we the niggas roll with all the goddamn dough
I cook a quarter pound of blow sell it for 44
selling ounces for 5.50 caught you 12 at your door
it's smitty the pimp dope pro hoe I know the rules
the early bird gets the bread if you snooze you lose

chorus x 2

[Bun -B]
you done pushed the panic button 
now we taking it all like a glutton
any tripping we cutting so listen it's bubby hutton
now any hoe that snort in here you can catch the nuttin
we synonymous with a rock like charles s dutton our prophecies
now wasn't you that sudsucker
talking shit with that funky bitch up in that fuddruckers
you best to be a mud ducker, I'm a thug bucker
and I got one specially designed for all you motherfuckers
we love ruckus, wanna shuck and jive
but when I came through with that four to the fucking five
niggas duck and dive ?????
what a fucking liar
bitch ain't no time to get flossed up
I'm sauced up you said it cost what woooo-d

chorus x 4