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Artist: Mean Green f/ Master P, Mia X, Silkk the Shocker, Porsha                                 
Album:  Mean Green Presents: Major Players Compilation
Song:   Major Players
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[Master P]
yo, whatís up Mean Green
this one here for everybody out there doing they thug thing
major player
whether they grinding, hustling, flipping things, yaíll know what I mean

if it donít fold, if it donít ching ching
then you ainít a real soldier, if you canít maintain
if it donít fold, if it donít ching ching
then you ainít a real soldier, if you canít maintain

[Mia X]

now mama canít be compared to no other broad
cause I spit that mental and keep them niggas peeling off Franklins
Franky # 1, Iím on the force checks in my hands 
most demand to be manís thugs Mrs.
I piss on all you so-called fire starters
and all you fakes claiming flow
Iím known to touch your water
I started with a quarter flip my way to six figures
ground work down and dirty hustling like a nigga
I figured ainít no sense in sleeping if my kids ainít eating
and ainít no sense in you creeping if you ainít treating
Iím seeking dollars if you with me baby follow me
trying to buy a key like itís a ticket out of poverty
but every key donít always open up a friendly door
on the other side might be the law so
plain strategies clean your gís and keep it coming
donít be another ghetto child hustling for nothing


[Master P]

Iím a ball till I fall nigga pops wasnít home
put it in a zip lock bag or either ride with the chrome
I thank god for my big cousin Jimmy nigga taught me how to hustle
see life is like a puzzle always in and out of trouble
from the jail to the street we hustle till we weak
from a quarter to a key nigga momma gotta eat
see this ghetto got me crazy
and if it wasnít for no limit could they pay me
two million in the bank for the babies
independent black owned is why they pay me



what what what
now look dollars Iím trying to fold
three keep me rolling like wheelchairs
see Iím from the south I love east and west
just like I lived there
ran the streets with my thugs
often I sold
iíd be lying if Iím tell you iím doing this rap stuff strictly out of love
Iím in it for the money
but yaíll can keep the fame and all that
bitch let it be known that my name I bring like all that
hate me that I got riches
hate that I got bigger
even got picture of me flossing in drop 6s
I like to have things and I donít like to dream
picture my benz riding rubber 20s so I put em on 19s
aim high my dream house cost about 6 mil
I wanna step out the house cause I paid boy
about six bills
no limit and mean green you gotta like respect our flow
respect our dough, respect that we trying to get some more
major players do what they want
you haters do what yaíll can
Iím trying to bury money understand
for my real gís 100s and grams
see Iím a no limit soldier so Iím a represent
if it donít fold or ching ching, then it donít make sense


[Mean Green]

Yeah and there it is
whatís up this is the Mean Green
wanna explain to you about maintaining
remember the days yaíll
us black folks had love for each other
we wasnít jacking each other for cars and clothes
you know we was maintaining
we grew up in a materialistic ass world
gotta get away from that
now itís time for us soldiers to step up 
be proud to be who we are
as we groove into this new millenium
you know
itís time for us to make our kids proud
time to take care of our families like we supposed to 
thatís whatís important
major players, well we do what we want
haters, stand on the side and do what they can
and that is