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Artist: M.M.O. (Money Makin Outlaws)
Album:  Thicken Than Water soundtrack
Song:   Freeze
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Mermaid [MMO], Serf [Protect Ya Neck baby]
Pearl baby [unknown]

Chorus: Big Sha
Freeze, freeze before you get fucked
Scream you get bucked
I seen skin bleed, don't play Hercules, you stuck
You wan't war? With the Outlaws?
That's hard luck
We leave behind pain, broken bones and raw cuts

Aiyo dunn, we gots to take pace
Intervene and shake jake
Escape like a terrorist, straight out Kuwait
Do the knowledge, stay in college but keep the nines polished
Cuz when they want carnage, we demolish
Preparations silence seekin for termination
Good fella with the double M, nine milla
Reign, pop a top like champagne
Stay claim, thirty thirty cop a kid, in Ro' Range
It's all real, ain't nuthin sugar about the steel will
Amuse we toke twos and sip booze, tuck spliffs
Revealin the gift of the death wish
Now rulers, time hooters with the nine lugers
Bugs is Bunny, for the money, ain't nuthin funny
Hate to take a loss, yeah me and my Outlaws


[Big Sha]
We engineers, executives prepare for warfare
Consecutive winds, fifty gun, fifty men
Handlin healthy, screamin for oxygen, he felt me
Enterin' the six feed while frank dimension
Hydrenaline was pumpin, yo his heartbeat was skippin
Paralize is weight liftin, how thirty eight slugs spittin
The final inning, raps free expodition
To ounce nobody on base, our lords is pinchin
Swingin left and right, combination hittin
Cruisin the strength by the minute, feelin fatigued and winded
Smell a foul scent and shit it
In that Superman suit he rented, can't believe he
still walkin lipped him
Snatch his top lip, pervent him from talkin strip him
Duct tape him, gag him
Can't tolerate the bitchin, drag him, behind the wall
Blow his whole face off with C4
Articulate moves is made, like a game of Spades I'm trump tight
You've and niggas die twice
Leave you bleedin from the side of your mouth
From tongue bites on the crime side
23rd and Serf side, carry gard and sent ya (Medallion Island)
Cuz times they take agenda
The same place, the same 38, on the same date, the 21st of November

Yeah yeah Freeze nigga freeze you aware to clear where where?


[Pearl Handle]
Yo yo, aiyo Mp's and MR3's we drive steady
Rhyme ready at all time, gimme some Slot Time
It's my time, sippin cranberries from grape vines
Readin the headlines, between lines we plug time
Won't let the don shine, and in the front line, the bank's mine
Commitin the crime, crushin ya inzime
So freeze, if you movin the Breeze with 9 Millamees
That's straight cheese, I make y'all cats bleed
My rap speed is rapid, be slapped with bullets and spare clips
Sparrin shit, peep the membership, my ray ridiculous
Supreme rap to the Metropolis
It ain't no stoppin us

We toke glasses, filled with Nebazelli bust magnums
Thug fashion under the Cayman Islands
Sit with dime chicks that eat salad, secret ambission
The crack porcerline, murder courses reinforments
Visualize the naucious, rap status, the shine like the sun fragment
My guns blazin, clean cut mixed with Asian
Caribbean sands, Devilish scam, the only prophet, him and his man
Sit her and watchin, it's game plan straight outta my hand
Naisha like opian, the best seller out in Japan, what

Chorus 2X