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Artist: Mike Jones f/ Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Twista
Album:  The Voice
Song:   Cuddy Buddy
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[Jim Jonsin] + {T-Pain in background}
Ha ha ha (Yeah)
It's Bigg D., Jim Jonsin collabo
Oh yeah
It's another one (It's another one)
Mike Jones {Oh, oh}

[Chorus: T-Pain]
You can be my cuddy, cuddy, buddy, fo' sho (You can ride with me)
Girl, don't act like you don't already know (Act like you don't see)
We can get it on the bed or the floor (Don't matter to me, girl)
I wanna take you to

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 1: Mike Jones] + (T-Pain)
Girl, if you need this here
Call me, don't have no fear
I wanna (Love you down, la, la, love you down)
Late night's a lovey-dovey
Some wanted to love, to love me
She's somethin' like a friend
Call her my cuddy buddy
Even though she got a man (Oh)
She already know the plan (Oh)
She already know the deal
So what the business here
Even though she (Got a man)
She already (Know the plan)
She already know the deal
Know the deal, know the deal
Even though I'm chubby, chubby
Your chick, she love me, she love me
She might be with you now
But she still thinkin' of me
Y'all out there making love
Our cuddy make 'em love me
In the back of the 'Llac, buddy
Just like (Oh)
That (Oh)

Repeat Chorus

[Verse 2: Lil Wayne] + {T-Pain in background}
See, I can't be her man {No}
And she can't be my girl {No}
But we do it like it's the end of the world
You dig
We have relations like I'm kin to the girl
I make her holla like when momma brought her into the world
Look, I'll let him buy you dinner tonight
Then at the end of the night
You be my dinner tonight
You see, he dark, he always dim in his light
And that girl, wanna shine, I bring her into the light
I become her Allah
And I swear that thang feel like la, la, la
And since he feed her lies (What you do)
I be her dessert on the side {Oh, oh}

Repeat Chorus

(Verse 3)
[Twista] How you do your lips like that
         Move your hips like that
         Work your ass like that (Like that)
         Why you make noise like that
         Move slow like that
         Fuck fast like that (Like that)
         Baby, I ain't gon' lie to you (Yeah)
         We so sexually compatible (Yeah)
         How I thrill myself, like I kill myself
         When I feel myself inside of you (Yeah)
         You can be my cuddy buddy, nibble on my Nutty Buddy
         While we do some freaky things with the lights on
         Touchin' on you while I'm listenin' to T-Pain (Whoa, oh)
         Huggin' on you while I'm listenin' to Mike Jones (Whoa, oh)
         Do it soon as we got in the sack
         Or I could hit it in the back of the 'Llac
         Off a fifth of the yak
         Like (Like)
         Like (Like)
[Mike]   It's the middle of the night, y'all got into a fight
         Now you mad with your feelings hurt
         Girl, let me Buy U A Drank, please tell me what you thank
         Right before I get up in them skirts
[T-Pain] Skeet, skeet
[Mike]   I pull up in a 'Llac truck
[T-Pain] Beep, beep
[Mike]   My mean shawty back up
[T-Pain] Beep me
[Mike]   If your man act up, he poor time, girl, I'll be the backup

[Hook: Mike Jones]
Cause I'm your cuddy buddy
Cut-cut-cut-cuddy buddy
Soon as he fall asleep
She on her way to love me

Repeat Hook

[Outro: Mike Jones] + (T-Pain)
Cause she know that I (Got that wood)
And she know that my (Sex is good)
We can do it on the bed or the floor (Girl)
Cause you know that I keep it hood
And she know that I (Got that wood)
And she know that my (Sex is good)
We can do it on the bed or the floor, let me know

Repeat Chorus