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Artist: Missez f/ Pimp C
Album:  Love Song 12"
Song:   Love Song 
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Boy you make me want to sing you a love song

[Pimp C]
UHH~! I'm still smokin out, pourin up, makin young gurls bust they nuts 
Old school, straight pro, make 'em get down on the flo'
I'ma keep it gangsta witcha, I'ma beat it up
Pay yo' daddy well, I'ma let a trick eat it up
When you saw me in the club, I was off in pimp mode
Pimp mind, pimp jewels, gator shoes, mack clothes
I caught yo' eye, you caught my eye, it's all the saaaame
Let's put this thang together, mama let's do this damn thaaaang

[Missez - Verse One]
Step into the club the, place be-ing so loud 
Boy I see you peep-in, me through the smoke cloud 
Gotta play it off, I gotta keep my cool, I - 
Gotta know your name because I'm feel-in you 
So I walk up to you slow, said,
"Baby would you like to get to know me?" 
Then you put you hands up on my body, baby don't let go 
Anything you want boy you can have, I'm yours 

[Chorus 2X] 
Uh, ahhhh, come on baby give it to me 
Just like that, boy you know exactly 
what I need from you, yeah you really turn me on 
Boy you make me wanna sing you a love song

[Verse Two] 
Temperature's a-rising, you got me hoping 
that your love is hypnotizing, to the next level boy 
with you is where I wanna go, but if I'm movin too FAST 
Baby just let me know...let me know.. (just let me know...) 
There something 'bout the way you move that makes me wonder 
how you work it 'cause my sheets I want you under 
Don't STOP 'cause I LIKE what you DOIN' babe 
Keep it goin right there, you make me wanna say.. 

[Chorus 2X]

[Pimp C]
I like when you open up, and let me in, get real freaky off in the Benz
Cat-a-corna, legs up, that's the way we like to fuck
Got a million ways when I'm on the maze (on the maze)
Straight up smokin purple haze (purple haze)
Get down on it, let me see it, I'm yo' daddy, gurl let me be it
You my private dancin gurl and I'ma put this thang up in yo' world
Getcha nuts just like a squirrel, no powder, no furl
Just a bunch of stanky danky, just a lil' bit of hanky panky
Pimp C, the dick ain't free, you ridin with the best if you fuckin with me

[Chorus 2X]

(Love song...)