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Artist: Thomas, Carl f/ LL Cool J, Prodigy, Shyne
Album:  I Wish Remix 12" 
Song:   I Wish (Remix)
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(LL talking - Clue background)
I'm sayin sugar, hahaha, it's between me and you, word up
(LL, Prodigy, Shyne, it's the remix y'all, envy)

When it's love at first sight, 
it's aight to get caught up in the hype
You got me starin at the ceiling late at night
I got 'cha callin up ya girls for insight
That's aight, 'cause I blazed it just right
You got a man so I can't leave marks when I bite
Can't call ya crib to conversate late at night
But I know you think of me when he's holdin ya tight
Wish I was there

It was....

Whaaaaaaaaat! Fat shout, Ed, Jim Nice
Whole Queens

Look, this is how we gon' rock sweetness, I know you gotta play house
And I ain't tryna' interfere with ya home
You need to keep it cool with that dude, you hear me?
For the little ones and things, and we can still bang
Just hit me when you need that nutt off, when you need that ?? fuck
Me and you could get up
I won't stress you, or press you at all
G'head, spend that Q-T with the kids and the hubby dog
Tell that foolio you got family in College Park, 
so you could come with me to Barbados
I got the condo, he like to argue
While P'll talk smooth, he the type to stalk you
He bought you clothes and the diamond rings
Huh, I brought ya ass to the hotel, giraffe and bing (?)
Like that I was all in it, like who's is it
I had you bitin the matress

(Carl Thomas)
It was love at first sight, I know, 
from the way she looked at me
Her eyes said it all
Long days and nights, we spent, until she dropped the bomb on me
When she said that she, was unhappily married with children

(Hook - Carl Thomas)
And I wish I never met her
Never at all, even though I love her so
And she got love for me, but she still belongs to someone else

It hurts so bad, for sure, because she wants to be with me
But she can not be with me
She chose to stay, hey, at home
So they could be a family, for the children
But what about me


Maybe in another life, things could be the way we both desire


(Clue) Shyne!

Who keep you fresh to depth, all types of things
A bird if your ready, diamond-stud chain for ya belly
Hell and Tracey, your friends hate me
'Cause I fucked half and the other half's tryna' date me (yup)
Don't understand, I got a girl, you got a man
Yet everything moves smooth, cool, according to plan
Never hold hands in public
But behind closed doors crack roulettes and punch
Every night we meet, same time, same sweet
You might be his wife but you know you're my freak
And vice-versa, ain't out to hurt ya
Just have a good time, Carl help me sing the lines

Ohhhhh, never at allllllll

(Hook to fade)