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Artist: Donnel Jones f/ Left Eye
Album:  Where I Wanna Be
Song:   U Know What's Up (Album Version)
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[Left Eye]
What up?  What up? 
Say what? Say what? 
Say what? uh-huh

[Don]	Ooh say what, say what, say what
[LE]	Uh, uh, uh, Left Eye
[Don]	Ooh girl you know whatís up
[LE]	Donell Jones
[Don]	Ooh say what, say what, say what
	Ooh girl you know whatís up

Me and my niggas be rollin'
Scheming on you and your homies
The very first day of summer
All chromed out in a Hummer, babe
Hit the park and parlay
Hope that you walk this way
Do you and your girls wanna ride
Play all day, puff on the la

1 -	Ooh say what, say what, say what
	(You know that I like it baby)
	Ooh girl you know what's up
	(And you know what I need)
	Ooh say what, say what, say what
	(You know that I'm bout it baby)
	Ooh girl you know what's up

2 -	I'm digging you and I'm feeling you
	And you know what's up
	Said I'm diggin' you and I'm wanting you
	So tell me what's up

Peep her thighs and I'm zoning
Right around two in the morning
Looking fly with the sun dress on
I think I feel a bone coming on
Girl, you got me wide open
Waitin' all day and I'm hoping
So baby don't front
Backseat jeep, you know what I want

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

[Left Eye]
Uh, say what? say what? say what?
So baby tell me whatís up
Can we ascend to higher heights
And when the path gets rough
We can give into Friday nights breath we peace
Expound by leaps, and soul to reap, our souls to keep
The passionís deep and filled with heat
Living this life on the hustle, I barely get enough time
You know me from the platinum, how I stack them and shine
You see a lot of contenders, they try to end up in my world
A reputation known as the untouchable girl
Iím moving on now, trying to make a change in my ways
Be the best that I can be to last me all of my days
Now we can blaze pathways or just take our time
Better holla if ya hear me cause Left Eye goní shine
My eyes donít lie, see how they glisten when you pass me by
You and I donít need permission to be unified
Surely I done seen and heard a million places
Then I traveled around the world, seen many faces
Donít let another one get near me if you wanna be true
And show me that nobody else can do it better than you
So if youíre serious, Iím curious to see what you got
But love is furious cause I believe in blowing up spots

Repeat 2 till end while:

[Left Eye]
Untouchable, Eddie F
Darren Lighty, Left Eye, Donell Jones
This is how itís going down