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Artist: Sophia Fresh f/ Kanye West
Album:  What It Is 12"
Song:   What It Is
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What it is
I-I-What it is
I-I-What it is
And-and-I-I-what it is

[First Verse]
What it, what it
What it is cu cause
What it is fo folk
I've been watchin' you from over here on the other side of the club
Lookin' at you all through that smoke
What do you drank, -drank
Little Patron, a little Grey Goose, a little Hennessey
But when I see you, all my girls like "What do you—thank?"
"How do you feel,-feel?"
Butterflies running all up and down my chest
but he's so hot to death And I'm Sophia Fresh and that's real
What am I supposed to do?
Get up and walk to a th-iz-ug and act like I'm innocent and cute?
Nah, I'ma step like

Yeah (What it is, nigga?)
Have you ever been down with a female from the hood?
She can really make you feel good and make you sang
Hop in a Maserati, baby boy, we can roll
All I really wanna know is...
What it is (Uh huh)
What it is (Uh huh)
What it is (Uh huh)
What it is (Hey-ey)
What it is
What it is (Hey-ey)
What it is
What it is (Huh-uh-uh-uh)

[Second Verse]
Tch, whatever nigga
Huh, check this out
What it is pi-pimp
What it is du-dude?
I see you in your C-A-D-I
Double L while the A-C blows so
How does it ride –ride?
24s on the back wit a fifth 24 on the back
Twenty hits on a lac truck back up to a
Super high from the ground
I feel like I'm an alien in a UFO
Somebody better beam me
I go down
What else am I suppose to do?
Get up an' walk to a th-iz-ug and act like I'm innocent and cute?
Haha, I'ma step like...


[Verse Three: Kanye West]
Uh, I don't need no little ass
I need a ghetto ass
Girl with a little car that can make it cross town with just a little gas
I know when we first met
You was a little gassed
But you wanna keep your swag
So you was holdin' back
Your little brother love me
He say "Yeezy got some fresh clothes"
Yo grandmother love me ‘cause I always dress in dress clothes
I can switch your dress code
Change your life like "Presto"
I am like that Aston Martin engine, you just press "Go"
Why –why you actin' like you ain't impressed for?
Oh, see, why you listen to the press, though?
I-I-ain't finna explain my life up on no Larry King 
Cause when I show her that thing
She say"That explains everything!"
"That just changed everything!"
Yeezy on her name ring
Yeezy with her chain bling
Yeah I throw Barack up, but
Baby, you get my vote
Love a ghetto girl
With more ass than the models

See-see-see I did the-the screwed up shit myself
I didn't put no effect, know....