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Artist: Coko f/ Eve
Album:  Hot Coko
Song:   Triflin'
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Ice gleam when you walk through
Stopped in my tracks, like daddy what I need
But I'm a play the back
Got a whole lot of chicks wanna say they touch your stacks
And I see your playin' Santa Claus
Got 'em all on your lap
But they givin' you whatever you want
Not me though, stallion ride rough
Plus I'm trying to see dough
Enough to make you fiend
Coko like cane
What you need
Challenge make it nothing
Let me see if you can handle me

Sexy, tempting
Caught my attention
Knew that he had me in a daze
Oh fly ways, teasing me
Enchanted, the way he
Stopped and stared me in the face

1- [Coko]
   But as soon he said a word
   The same old line that I already heard
   Dissappointed me right away
   Cause of the things he had to say were

2- [Coko]
   Triflin', ghetto
   Sorry, oh no
   Tired, gaming
   That's such a shame
   Triflin', ghetto
   Sorry, oh no
   Fine as hell though
   And that's so pitiful

His lips enticing
So inviting
Smile could melt your heart away, oh
I started to imagine
Just what could happen
If he should come and talk to me

Repeat 1

Repeat 2

Ooh I like what I see
Ooh shorty come and talk to me
Ooh you spoke your first word
Ooh I can't believe the s*** I heard

Huh? What you mean you wanna touch at my house?
You'll never see me bent over my couch
Think I'm a chicken watch me thug it out
Matter of fact I'm a forget that I met you
Now why you gonna make me get ghetto and disrespect you
Had to be a clown and I'm a laugh at your silly ass
Pass on your petty cash
Never should of thought I was weak
Can't believe you had the nerve to speak
Player you know who I am
You must of though I was some type of freak

Repeat 2 till end