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Artist: Dream f/ Kain, P. Diddy
Album:  This is Me (Remix) 12"
Song:   This is Me (Remix)
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[P. Diddy]
uh yeah, come on, Bad Boy, baby
This - is - the - re - mix, eh heh heh
you know how we do
DREAM- Melissa, Diana, Ashley, Holly
Let's go baby, come on

Oh boy, I'm not the one who broke your heart before
And I don't wanna make you hurt anymore
She had you pulling out your hair against the wall
But, baby that's not me at all

You better see we're different as can be
She and I are not alike; so don't compare her to me
It doesn't matter what happened then, with me you have afriend for life
You should know that that was her, and baby this is me

You get so nervous every time I touch your hand
I'm not the others who just took your heart and ran
But every time you say those things you make me feel so bad
Why can't you just give me a chance? (yeah-ee-yeah yeah)


Now understand when I met you, it was love at first sight
Deep thoughts and talks the first night
Telling all how my past hurt like
Comparing you to her waiting for our first fight
Because she said the same things that you say
And how love is only a game that fools play
All night with her friends every Tuesday
That's why I bought you a cell and a two way
I know it's wrong and it makes you nauseous but
(heh) I'm not suspicious, I'm cautious
And you know I wanna love and trust you
But it's really a lot to try to adjust to
And I'm glad that you on my team
Defending your man when I fall and I scheme
Baby you can have all my cream
It was a nightmare now it's all a dream

Boy you had your share (you had your share)
Of people taking you for granted
I know that you can't take me no more
I will be there when things don't go the way you planned it
And don't think ???

(Chorus) 2x

[P. Diddy]
Aiyyo, let's bring it down right here
Uh yeah, uh come on, let's dance
Come on, yeah, let's go y'all

(Chorus) - fade out -

[P.Diddy] (with Chorus)
DREAM- This is Me
Bad Boy, baby
Bad girls (heh)
I see y'all