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Artist: Earth, Wind & Fire f/ Big Boi, Kelly Rowland, Sleepy Brown
Album:  Illumination
Song:   This is How I Feel
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[Big Boi]
Ah-... Ah-ah-ah
Aligator shoes greener than that Geico lizard
I post up on guls in the club from my pivot
They be with it, cause B-I is P-I
Frigid like a blizzard and see I be over they heads like midgets
But this is how I feel like a blind man readin
Is it Miss, Ms. or Mrs.? Gimme the rhyme or a reason
Gimme the time and the season
+Earth Wind & Fire+-breathing dragon when I'm skeetin
Goin deeper and deeper and deeper...

[Sleepy Brown]
Oooooh... what a night
It's time to party, do your thang and make it right
Don't stop, do what you do
Just relax and let the groove take over you
Cause you know that..

[Chorus: Kelly Rolland] (Sleepy Brown)
I can't help the way I feel, cause I'm so right tonight
(This is how I feel - how I feel now
 Music moves me in every way now)
There's a party going on in here
And it don't stop 'til the morning light
(This is how I feel - how I feel now
 Music moves me left and right)

[Sleepy Brown]
Girl, I like what I see
Just sip back your drink and slide right next to me
The way you mooooove, you look so fine
Makes me wanna get up on you one more time
(Ooh~!) Cause you know


[female speaking Spanish]
Ooh, esta musica.. mi asi sente tambien

[Sleepy Brown]
Ooh, gone and shake your body baby (shake it to the groove)
Girl, you got me sweatin (by the way your body moves)
Temperature is risin (cause there's nothing else to do)
Do your thang (do your thang), do your thang (do your thang)