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Artist: Mary J. Blige f/ Grand Puba
Album:  What's the 411?
Song:   What's the 411?

Grand Puba: Hey, yo, yo, Pop, check out that situation right
            there yo
Pop: Yeah, what's the motions man?
GP: Yo honey right there yo
Pop: Yo, the fine amazon, man?
GP: Yeah, yeah, she got it going on and on, like, you
    know what I'm sayin? But, she be tryin to act like she's all
    of that though yo.
Pop: So show her who's boss man, whatsup?
GP: Yo, big kids style?
Pop: No question, big kids in full effect
GP: Yo, I'm gonna kick the willy bobo, now check it yo
Pop: No question

GP: Eh, yo, what's the 411 hun?
Mary Blige: What's the 411 hun?
GP: I got it goin on hun.
Mary: Eh, yo I got it goin on hun.
GP: What's the 411 hun?
Mary: What's the 411 hun?
GP: I got it goin on hun.
Mary: Eh, yo I got it goin on hun.

Well I be Puba on this chair
the nigga from last year
Ya bows hanging baggy
Tommy Hilfiger tap gear
Take no shorts
I'm doin lovely in all sports
even swing the pole
at the hole on my golf course
Some say I'm fair, see cause I'm
horny and nasty, If I see
some rugged joints
then I want let it pass me
I take no shorts
Let suckers step up to see
I'll flip the script
and get harder than Jeopardy
I shot the sheriff and the
mutherfuckin deputy, test me

Check it, I'm not Keith Sweat
but bet that ass that i can make it last
Skirts turn their head so fast
they end up catching whiplash
If hun's a monster
I'm Carl Lewis on the meter dash
It's Grand Puba baby and I'm gettin crazy cash
What's the 411? Let me know hun
What's the 411?

Mary: What's the 411 hun?
GP: What's the 411 hun?
Mary: I got it goin on
GP: Eh, yo I got it goin on hun
Mary: Eh, yo what's the 411 hun?
GP: What's the 411 hun?
Mary: I said I got it goin on
GP: Eh, yo I got it goin on

Yeah nigga, what makes ya different from the next nigga?
Seen ya last week and ya couldn't even speak
Ya try ta play like Mr. All of that
but now ya wanna come to me with some chitchat?
I don't have no time for no wam bam thank you ma'am
Gas me up, get me drunk and hit the skins and scram
The same ol shit you pulled last week on Pam
I'm not havin that, no I'm not havin that
Ya gotta do a lot more and that's just how it be
I'm Mary Blige and you just ain't runnin up in me
I need a man whose lookin out with some security
So come correct with some respect and THEN we will see
So if you wit it then drop the 7 digits
and I might just give you a call
If you ain't wit it then don't waste your time at all
So what's the 411 hun?

GP: Eh, yo honey was talkin a little somethin man
Pop: Yo, so what's up, push up man
GP: I'm gonna catch up with it in a minute
    Right now see what she talkin about
Pop: So set it straight man
GP: Aight yo, I'll get back wit ya lata g
Pop: Chill

Mary: All my love is all I have
GP: And Grand Puba's very special
Mary: All my life I look for you
GP: And today your dream comes true
Mary: You need me and I need you
GP: Grand Puba is very special
Mary: Things just seem to do divine
GP: This is how the two combine
Mary: I know our love was meant to be
GP: Mary Blige is something kinda special
Mary: Love is life and life is living!! You're very special
GP: You know it baby, you got it goin on a little somethin
    So baby you know what I'm sayin? A little time
    Spend a little time

GP: Eh, yo, yo Pop, Pop
Pop: Yeah man?
GP: Check it man, a little resume with that skit man
    ya know what I'm sayin'?
Pop: About that 411 man?
GP: Yeah, yeah, yeah, I'm gonna see what the prognosis is though
Pop: Yeah, yeah, that willy bobo man, we flowin it off
GP: Bounce on her for another day man
Pop: Yeah, take the skyline man