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Artist: Joe f/ Mystikal
Album:  Stutter 12"
Song:   Stutter (Remix)
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1 - [Joe]
    My dear, my dear, my dear
    You do not know me
    But I know you very well 
    Now let me tell you that I caught you
    My dear, my dear, my dear
    You do not know me
    But I know you very well 
    Now let me tell you that I caught you

Talk to me, tell me, where you were
Late, last night
Ya-you told me, you were with your friends hanging out 
Late, last night
Ya-you're lying cuz you're studdering 
Now where were you? 
Late, last night
Stop lying to me cause you're ticking me off
See you're ticking me off, ooh 

2 - [Joe]
    I can tell you're lying 
    Cause when you're replying
    You stutter, stutter, stu-stutter, stutter

Repeat 2 (3x)

Watch yourself 
Watch yourself 
Quit your lying heffer 
Watch yourself heffer 

I called you on your cell phone
No answer, tell me why
So I paged you on your two way
Still no response, tell me why
I took care of you, I love you
And you played me, tell me why
Stop lying to me about where you've been
Cause you're ticking me off, tick-tick-ticking me off

Repeat 2 (4x)

Repeat 1

Quit your lying heffer, watch yourself 
Yeah, I'll give the whips but leaving you out here by yourself 
I'm keepin' it gangsta with all the tattoos and platinum mouth 
I was the rapper you heard about strappin' up in the waffle house
Right next to niggas when I be sparkin' 'em out
And I'm way too cold to plain let you come and dog me out
Should've of knew what you was up to when you got here
Get off my couch, get 
And I just can't change it 
It's gonna be good
Get out on ya route 
My bad, you're out 
I seen it coming with that nappy hair 
She was running docked out wanting what you had
You let him set you up and you fell for it 
Now it's "I-I-I'm sorry, my a--!"
That's why you're paying for it 
You got the garbage, I got the trash can for it
The man ain't gon stand for it 
You better respect my flow 
Don't be stuttering when you're talking to Mystikal 
Or lying when you be talking to Joe 

I smell cologne damn it's strong
How did ya get it on?
I'm not dumb
He messed up your hair 
Make-up's every where
Ooh yeah I'm not dumb
Girl I'm crying 'cause your lyin'
To my face, I'm not dumb
Stop lying to me about seeing a man
Cause you're ticking me off

Repeat 2 till end