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Artist:	Jamie Foxx f/ Common
Album:	Unpredictable
Song:	U Still Got It
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[Girl]  Do I look fat to you?
[Jamie] Baby, you know I love you
[Girl]  That's not what I asked you

[Common] Uh, uh, uh! (Whoo!)

[Jamie Foxx]
Girl I know you're goin' crazy (crazy!)
Let me help you understand
That you got to have my baby
That we about to be a fam
Don't you know when we got married
We'd be true through thick and thin
Well I know you lookin' thick now
But I'm wit you to the end

[Chorus: Jamie Foxx]
You still got it (You still got it, girl)
(Everyday, everynight you know you rock my world)
Don't you know that you still got it (Your emotions flowin')
(Cause you know that your body's growin')
Don't you know that You still got it  (Yeah, them jeans is snug
(I ain't mad at that, baby you're my only love)
Don't you know that you still got it (Oh baby, loves crazy
Cuz you havin', my baby)And it's so much more to love

[Jamie Foxx]
See you walkin' through the mall now
See them outfits that you like
But you scared to try 'em on now
Cuz, it just want fit you right
And you steady watchin' Oprah
Tryin' to redefine your life
But as long as you're my lady
I don't care about your size

Your hair (your hair, I know)
I noticed your feet are swelling
No need to cry, I dig the thighs
That's why I'm tellin' you!


I look at my lady, and then my day begin to shine
I told her, "Baby, bein' beautiful is only a state of mind"
And you are so, had to let your mind and your heart know it
The more you grow, the more I see God glow
I know it's probably strange, seein' your body change
Can't fit your clothes, nose ain't the same
My loves still remains, it won't vary with me
Looked and smiled and said "Damn, she carryin me"
A life that we created, we can cherish forever
You're growin', but it's sexy, the sex is even better
But through thick and thin, pickles and peanut butter
It's a divine mother, queen and supreme lover, you still got it!

[Jamie Foxx]
I, know, that, you, still, got it (Baby I know you still got it!)
Don't you know that you still got it (No matter what happens, baby, oh baby!)

[Ab-libbing through the remained of the song]