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Artist: McKnight, Brian f/ Mase
Album:  You Should Be Mine 12"
Song:   You Should Be Mine (Don't Waste Your Time)

Mase, and Brian McKnight, Bad Boy
We don't stop, we rock we rock

Yo, I hit you with the sound that the world can't take
Can't sit out the gig playing 2.8
Real studded jewel funded
Got to love it
First rap cat with the R&B budget
Every day on the TV me and PD
Girls so pretty, make their man break the CD
Why y'all forever roudy 
I be out here somewhere in Mauai
Till I go back to Cali

Can't understand how he can treat you
The way that he does
Give me the chance to show you baby
You're better off with me

1 - 	Oh, so baby let me try
	I wanna make you smile
	I wanna love you like you need to be loved
	I'll never let you down
	I'll always be around
	And you should be mine

	If he don't love you right
	Don't waste your time
	(Don't waste your time)
	If he don't treat you like he should
	Then you should be mine
	(You should be mine)
	I can make a difference

Why can't you see
You should be happy
And I don't know why
You don't believe a man can love you
For the rest of your life

Repeat 1

Yo, what the deal honey
Insecure feel funny
I know you're used to dealin with cats with real money
Plus I know you're like mase in alot of ways
But it's hard to go on when you're lonely in the holidays
When he shopped did you shop for two
Take you where the water's aqua blue
Let you fall back
Treat you like you all that
Under umbrellas with your shades and your straw hats
You ain't the one out clubbing all day and all night
Just to save a fight
Or say he's right
And I know he ain't the cat that will stay in your life
Even though he gave you ice that will make you his wife
How a man deserve you if he hurt you
Then he give a woman 25 a curfew
Between me and you
You ain't heard that from me
Cuz Mase ain't the player with the PhD

Girl come into my world
I'll love you the way that you need to be loved
No worries no more
Girl open the door
And don't waste your time
Cuz you should be mine

Repeat 1 until fade