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Artist: Wendy & Lisa f/ GangStarr
Album:  Re-Mix-In-A-Carnation
Song:   Satisfaction (GangStarr Remix)
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{DJ Premier cuts and scratches}

[Verse One: Wendy & Lisa]
Everytime you come around, it makes me way too crazy
Crazy enough to think you'll ask me out
Yes you are the talk of the town, so congratulations
With a smile as good as gold so don't wear a frown
Everytime I see you down, still you're not too bitter
You don't need a babysitter to keep you on your cloud
Baby you know it's true, I'll never be too uptight
To wrap you in my love to just satisfy ya

Didn't yo' momma tell ya
Didn't yo' poppa tell ya
To get a little satisfaction
Well didn't yo' momma tell ya
And didn't yo' poppa tell ya
To get a little satisfaction

[Verse Two: Wendy & Lisa]
Everytime you come around, my heart beats a little faster
You're all the drug I'm sure I'll ever need
All the time I do believe, your love is like a prayer
I can take you there if you feel the need
If you let me have it all, I'll shoot for satisfaction
Cause nothing's ever meant so much to me
But keep in your mind, we've got to keep on dancing
If all else fails, won't you dance with me?


[Bridge: Wendy & Lisa]
If love can melt down barriers
Ooh baby, I think I'll marry ya

[Rap verse: Guru]
Wonder, and linger over yonder
Witness the fitness that I put upon ya
Feel bliss from this and dismiss
any dismal thought, cause I brought
you something special, cause you make me
sentimental, and I bet you..
If you let me into your day
I know you'll say you want me to stay
All night, cause I'll serve ya right
I can tell you're longin for a strong round kick
and a strong flow, on time and design
To give you a measure and pleasure like massage
The effect on your system, is quite large
And you shouldn't wait not a minute more
Seize the opportunity, and get yours
Didn't your momma and your poppa tell ya
to release the pressure, so you feel better?
Face the facts and reveal the attraction
It's best you get a little satisfaction


{DJ Premier cuts and scratches}
"It's my thing!"

[Verse Three: Wendy & Lisa]
Everytime I turn around, the shadow of you is still with me
But a shadow just can't take the place of you
When we touch, caress me cool
Kiss me deep my baby, all I have is for you