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Artist: Stevie J f/ Eve
Album:  Girlfight soundtrack
Song:   Out for the Count
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[Stevie J]
Uh, uh, uh
Yo Eve

Hey nigga check this here
I'm about to give it to you real clear
E-V-E ain't about the bullshit
Game playin, wanna be a third nigga do it elsewhere
Oh so what you tryna make me bitter
Shit better act right
I'll pull another nigga
I don't want no little boy
I ain't no babysitter
You want a chicken?
Go ahead make her lay your eggs nigga
Cause I ain't with that
I'll leave you lonely, crying
Huh baby you dig that?
And I leave can't get none of your gifts back
Take your car
Have you calling cabbies just to get home
And when you all alone 
Don't wanna hear you ring my phone
That's right, baby act right
Got no time for the bullshit
Cause I'mma have my niggas running at your door to bust
Don't try to duck, you and that bitch with a full clip
Come on

[Stevie J]
One night back in July
She was standing outside the club
So fly she caught my eye
But you know that was not enough
I tried to get closer to shorty
But wifey had peeped my game
She looked at her funny
They had words
And I was the one to blame

1 - It started out one day
    Coming on a rainy day
    The sooner I do it, she never even stood a chance
    More will come, but there's only one champion
    She was out for the count again

It took about one hour later
I started to make my move
Out on the dancefloor
When wifey returned she was through from powder room
She saw me, freaking the same way I do
When I dance with her
And maybe if I would have played the right cards
She wouldn't be hurt

Repeat 1

I'm sorry for doing you wrong
I know that I have been a fool for too long
But if you choose to go away
Girl I feel that you should know
I really wanna change
I changed, girl I have changed

Hey what I look like, a child?
This ain't no fuckin' smile
It's a frown, Ruff Ryde show you how I get down
Won't take long, it'll be a quick pound
Got a bob and weave, and a hitting sound
Embarrasing have you running around crying
(Get her off me, somebody help me now)
Huh, too late ma, you gotta get your shit split
Now that's for acting dumb like you ain't know who you was wit'
You see this R around my neck
I don't allow disrespect
Bitch you must've really thought I slept with the wrong one
See me drinkin' think I'm touched
Next time you see this thug
You gonna be walking on a crutch
And for you sorry nigga
You and that bitch can be together
Forever sleeping in the same ditch
That's it, I'mma leave, you ain't doing me right
Play fair, or I'mma play dirty out your life, huh

Repeat 1 till end