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Artist: Amerie f/ Eve
Album:  Touch
Song:   One Thing (Remix)
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Yo, you was the last dude, I thought I'd be attached to
Caught me off guard, started feelin' on my tattoo
Blow my back, then you would spit in my ear
I don't want to scare you, but I think that we should disappear
Homey, we ain't known each other very long
Now you trying to lock me in the room, trying to turn me on
Any other time, I could resist, now my will is gone
Getting weak, that ain't E-V-E, hell, is going on

[Amerie - Verse 1]
Oh, tryin' to let it go
Tryin' to keep my eyes closed
Tryin' to keep it just like before

At times when I never even thought to speak
Don't want to tell you what it is
Ooh wee, it felt so serious
Got me thinkin' just too much, I wanna, set it off, but..

It's this one thing, that got me trippin'
It's this one thing, that got me trippin'
(It did) It's this one thing my soul made me feel it
It's this one thing you did, oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhh
It's this one thing, that caught me slippin'
It's this one thing, I want to admit it
It's this one thing and I was so with it
It's this one thing you did, oh-oh-oh-oh-ohhhh

[Verse 2]
Hey, we don't know each other well
So why I keep pickin' up my cell?
Memories, just keep ringing bells
Hear voices, I don't want to understand
My car keys are jingling in my hand
My high heels are clickin' towards your door


Bridge [with "yeahs" and "ohs" in background]:
And maybe I just can't believe it
It's this one thing you did
I can't deny, time and time, even left door
but to keep on seeing you
I'm hoping you can keep a secret
(For me, for me, for me)
Did what you diiiiiiiiid, yeah

Oh-oh-oh-oh-OHHH (I can't help, but it was just me,)
Oh-oh-oh-oh-OHHH (It's just, I don't know, It's there.)
Oh-oh-oh-oh-OHHH (I don't want to fight it.)

Slipped up, let you in my space, got a chick stuck
Close my eyes, see your face, that's a bit much
I ain't the type to get strung all out
Now when I sit and dial your number, got my tongue all out
Wouldn't never tell you though, emotions I would never show
Gotta keep it to myself, gotta keep it low
You got me trippin', who you thought it would be?
Keep it knockin' with E-V-E and Amerie, c'mon
(Oh-Oh, Don't know what it is...)

[Chorus and ad-libs]