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Artist: Blu Cantrell f/ Fat Joe, Lil' Kim
Album:  Bittersweet
Song:   Impatient
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[Intro: Lil' Kim (Fat Joe)]
(Uh) Blu Cantrell yo
(Oh) Ayo Guch I'm goin' in dun
(Uh) Sizzlin' where you at?

[Verse 1: Lil' Kim]
What's the deal baby pa, it's the hottie Lil' Kim
You got my mind spinnin' like my Hollyhood rims
You had a lotta women, but they not like me
It's like I been trippin' on that bombazee
I'm sick with the stick, shift gears with my lips
Put your key in my ignition and put it in fifth
The window's fogged up, and it ain't from the spliff
Scratch and sniff and inhale this
I got you seein' doubles and you can't tell
It's the tag-team, Lil' Kim and Blu Cantrell
The Hip-Hop and R&B Menage-a-Toi
Two sexy thangs leavin' with engagement rings
UHHH! I'm gettin' impatient, I need answers
I'm ready to get busy like them Sean Paul dancers
I can be a housewife or the freakiest hoe
Yo, just gimme the light and pass the dro

[Verse 2: Blu Cantrell]
Possibilities are endless with you and me
I know it will be okay, we could have everything
Alone, it's you that's all I want
Baby believe in us
I've got to have your trust

[Chorus: Blu Cantrell]
Oooh, oh, you got me so, it feels so slow
I'm racing, I'm so impatient
Oooh, oh, you got to know, you got me so
I'm chasing, I'm so impatient

[Verse 3: Blu Cantrell]
Baby I'm waiting, baby I'm waiting
I'm so impatient
It's unexplainable, something remarkable
Never felt quite like this
You win from just one kiss
Let me know, 'cause I can't let you go
Not with the love we made, not looking for heartache
Baby I'm waiting, baby I'm waiting
I'm so impatient


[Verse 4: Fat Joe]
Yeah, oh, uh, uh
I ain't come to judge, I come to love
In fact, I came to cum, not makin' love
Girl you know the rules when you dealin' wit thugs
And girl, it's me and you, stop chasin' a crush
Uh, I know you want me don't ya
You know you need me don't you
Don't lie, I can see it in your eyes
Thick hips, nice lips, right size
Papi's big, but fit in between them thighs
And it ain't about the box, it's 'bout the rocks
And that Malibu view on the mountain top
Just a few reason's why you feelin' the kid
You know, spacious cribs, outragious trips
Forget about ya friends, man they hate this shit
If you gave them the power, they would make the switch
Who knew those words I do would make you rich
But for now Blu, you'se my impatient bitch

[Chorus 2x]