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Artist: Tyrese f/ Mr. Tan, Snoop Dogg
Album:  2000 Watts                                           
Song:   Just a Baby Boy            
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I know sometimes it might get crazy
I'll always be here for you lady
Baby I'm just tryin'a change the game
So let me work the thang
Let me do my thing

Young, dumb, and full of cum
Lil crazy ass nigga, homie where you from
I bang the bet, bang the set
Tat on my neck, teck on deck
Yeh yeh watch yo step
He wont fuss
He'll just bust
Ask those fucks
I left em in dust
Trust or bust
Cuss and get drunk and talk big shit
Man yo bitch so quick and dip
Hop on the site like like we used to do
Fly handlebars, his All-stars is blue
Keeping it true
7 days a week
and he livin with his momma
and I heard she a freak
Fucking wit a G
HGC 107
Bald head nigga named Melvin
He telling cuz how to live and he a felon
He bailin
Fuck that bullshit he sailin
You know why

[Chorus: Tyrese]
You just a baby boy
Your not the real mccoy
I've been runnin' these streets
You goin' crazy
What about your baby
Why you ridin with heat

[Mr Tan]
I gotta baby up the street
another baby mama around the corner
one I just screw
and the other I make love to
but I'm in and out fool
I can't stay with one bitch I gotta keep it pimpin
But now some drama and I ain't wit it
The nigga that used to knock my song momma up just got out
And mom's threw a nigga out for bangin on his spouse
And that nigga, now he up in baby's house
What I'm gon do, should I set it off
And play myself like a fool, I'ma keep it cool
And see how long this shit gon last
I scooped up my son he tried to play my wit a ghetto pass
I ain't havin' that, grab my strapI got to do something
Fresh out but a nigga got to do something
And I'm a baby boy with nothing to lose
Big snoop check it, I'ma lay him down
God dang it y'all please believe mea baby boy, baby boy
I'm a baby boy gangsta


I know sometimes it get crazy
I'll always be here for you lady
Baby I'm just trying to change the game
So let me work the thang, let me do my thing
Everytime I come and see you
You're telling me what I can and can't do
Girl your losin your mind
You tell your frends I don't treat you right
You say I'm livin another life
I wanna make you my wife!
Yes I do babe
Girl you're about to drive me crazy
You cut me down and call me lazy
I guess I'm just another baby boy
Oh noo, no ohhh ohhhhhh


Do the damn thing
Do the damn thing
Big Snoop Dogg do the damn thing
Big Snoop Dogg Mr Tan Tyrese baby boy
All you young G's got a baby boy