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Artist: Michael Jackson f/ Heavy D
Album:  Dangerous
Song:   Jam
Typed by: Tha Lyricz Finisha

(Michael Jackson)
Nation to nation, all the world, must come together
Face the problems that we see
Then maybe somehow we can work it out
I asked my neighbor, for a favor, she said later
What has come of, all the people, have we lost love of what it's about
I have to find my peace cuz no one seems to let me be
False prophets cry of doom, what are the possibilities
I told my brother there'll be problems
Times and tears for fears
We must live each day like it's the last

Go with it, go with it, jam
It ain't too much stuff
It ain't too much
It ain't too much for me to, jam
It ain't, it ain't too much stuff
It ain't, don't you, it ain't too much for me to

(Michael Jackson)
The world keeps changing rearranging minds
And thoughts predictions fly of doom
The baby boom has come of age, we'll work it out
I told my brothers don't you ask me for no favors
I'm conditioned by the system
Don't you talk to me don't scream and shout
She pray to God, to Buddha
Then she sings a Talmud song
Confusions contradict to self
Do we know right from wrong
I just want you to recognize me
In the temple you can't hurt me
I found peace within myself

(Chorus 2x)

(Heavy D)
Jam jam, here comes the man
Hot damn, the big boy stands
Movin' up a hand, making funky tracks
With my man, Michael Jackson
Smooth Criminal, here's the man, Mike's so relaxed
Mingle mingle jingle, in the jungle
Bum rushed the door, 3 and 4's in a bundle
Execute the plan, first I cooled like a fan
Got with Janet, then with Guy
Now with Michael, cause it ain't hard to

(Chorus to fade)