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Artist: 3LW f/ Loon, P. Diddy
Album:  A Girl Can Make
Song:   I Do (Wanna Get Close to You)
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[Intro: 3LW and (P.Diddy)]
Yeaa - uh huh
Yeaa - uh huh (uh)
Yeaa - uh huh (uh)
Yeaa - uh huh ( I like this)
Yeaa - uh huh (and another one)
Yeaa - uh huh (and another one)
Yeaa - uh huh ( Bad Boy baby)
Yeaa - uh huh (3LW let's go)

[Verse: Kiely]
Rollin' in the club like what
I, got the view of you on lockdown
Then I saw you starin' at me
It wasn't soundin' too bad
Ya make me think that your for one
Lickin' your lips at me for fun
While the DJ's makin' him sway
So won't you come stare to me
If you . . .

[Chorus: 3LW]
Wanna get down, baby, I do
Holla at me, baby, ooh-ooh
If you rollin' deep tonight, then I do
Wanna, know you
And If you, wanna get down, baby, it's cool
Holla at me, baby, ooh-ooh
If you're always ridiculous, then I do
Wanna get close to you

[Verse: Adrienne]
Your ice, your gear, your sex appeal
Your, game so tight, you got me feenin'
Wantin' you alone with me
Is the illest fantasy
You make me feel like wilin' out
Showin' you what it's about, yeah
Got it goin' on uptown
Now let me see you work it out on me


[Bridge: 3LW]
I'm sure you had me to get her, baby
Baby, how can I just make you see
I'm the only one you need
So please let me know right now
'Cause it's true ('Cause it's true)
I want you (I want you)
Say that you want me too

[Verse: Loon]
(Come on, yeah)
Ladies and gentlemen
I know I could make you scream like a woman' supposed to
Seems like you wanna get closer
Well, Boo here's the ticket, come through, we could kick it
One hun' twenty five, foot two is addictest
My view is the sickest
It's true, been convicted, I'm probably needin' a girl
In other words, ma, I'm due for some kisses, I'm due for some huggin'
And all them dudes that be buggin', I ain't with it
I'm through wit the thuggin', I'm due for some lovin'
I need a wife in my life and ma
you're lookin' like you're due for a husband
I choose not to love 'em (uh huh)
These chicks runnin' around actin' like straight fools in the public
Let's move with the subject because I came with a better plot
Just play the game and you'll never flop (never flop)
It's in your brain, you already hot (already hot)
But you ain't close to my age, so you better stop

[Chorus] (2x)

[Outro: P. Diddy]
Let's go, don't stop . . .
Let's go, don't stop . . .
Ah ha, ha . . .
Yea . . .
Yea . . .
I like this one right here, c'mon
Hah - hah
Hah - hah
Hah - hah
Yea . . hah