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Artist: 112 f/ Ludacris, P. Diddy
Album:  Hot and Wet
Song:   Hot and Wet
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[P Diddy - talking] (Slim)
Let's go (112, 112 ..)
Bad Boy baby
Def Jam..
(Guess who's back)
Hey yo Slim, you ready?
Talk to 'em

[Verse 1 - Slim]
I wanna show you how I feel (yeah)
Don't hold back, here's my love
Baby you're the one for me (I wanna know)
How can we get down tonight
No more game lets spend some time
Baby won't you give it to me
Just give it to me baby

[Break - 112]
You don't know what you do to me
The way you touch baby
(Girl I'm tired of playing games are you ready)
I love it when you're on top of it, so spread it
(Won't you just give it to me, girl we can do this)

[Chorus - 112] - 2X - w/ ad libs
Hot and wet
Girl you make me wanna sweat
When you touch me like that
Girl you know I wanna give it to you

[P. Diddy]
Second verse, come on

[Verse 2 - 112]
Baby now it's getting late
Don't start now, I can wait
To show you belong to me (show her, c'mon, let's go)
Know how I like it, take your time, close your eyes
Let me show you what real love should be
Girl you don't know, (come on) baby


[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[P. Diddy - talking behind Chorus]
You ready?
Yeah, hey ya'll I don't think their ready
Tell 'em what time it is

[Verse 3 - Ludacris] (P. Diddy)
Now baby you done work, if you work it
Tweak it, twerk it (yeah)
I feel like your every imperfection is perfect (woo)
Luda, yeah what you heard is true
I make you do things, you ain't even know you can do (don't hurt 'em now)
Got 'em weak in the knees cause my back is strong
And you wonder why your girls wanna tag along (uh huh)
Cause them birds is jealous, my words embellished
Plus they heard that I kiss every curve and crevice (yeah, let's go)
I'm too hot to handle, I rock your mantle
When I play 112 and light 16 candles (come on)
Deep sea fishin in your favorite position (can you handle that, yeah)
Everytime you moan I pay close attention (uh huh)
Flip ‘em like a pancake (uh), show me somethin (that's right)
Or we can break in your vibratin tongue ring (come on)
Let's mountain climb ‘til we reach the peak (touch, yeah)
The technique will make you sweat, but don't sweat the technique (that's right)

[Chorus] - w/ ad libs

[P. Diddy - talking behind Chorus]
Let's go, c'mon
Yeah, c'mon

[Verse 4 - 112] - w/ variations
Girl just keep it hot and wet (are you ready)
Girl I'm gonna make a sweat
Keep it real close to me
Let it drip all over me (I love the way you give it to me, baby)
You know just what I like (ohh)
Touch it, love it, freak it all night
I'm gettin it off me (you touch me like)
But baby you gotta keep it
(you know I wanna give it to you)

[P. Diddy - talking behind Verse 4]
You ready? Let's go
C'mon, yeah
Let's go, yeah

[Chorus] - repeated until fade

[P. Diddy - talking until fade]
Bad Boy, 112
Back together again, yeah