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Artist: Mashonda f/ Kanye West
Album:  January Joy
Song:   Hold Me
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Verse One [Mashonda]:
Every time you were around me baby
Boy you know you drive me crazy
And I really wanna be your lady
That's all baby, nothin' else
I been watchin' you for a few years
Every time you come around, I just stare
There is somethin' I gotta make clear
All I want you to do is

Hold me, hold me (hold me)
Show me that you do (that you do)
Wanna get to know me too
Hold me, no more lonely
I'm with you (I'm with you baby)

Verse Two:
We been spendin' more time together
Gettin to know each other better
Baby I am down for whatever
Slowly fallin love
Cause you treated me like a princess
Wit you, don't have to worry 'bout stress
And I really have to confess
You're the best baby


Verse Two [Kanye West]:
See none of the girls know me, but they all want me
So when they start runnin' they mouths just hold me 
And keep me in your
prayers so these naysayers 
Can't make it through out layers
I say somethin' to warm you up like California
I'm from the Chi, you from the Apple like Fiona
I'm feelin like Prince when he met Appolonia
You feelin kinda tense cause what ya friends have warned ya
Man, they hatin', if they ain't hatin, they insinuatin'
You remember when we first start datin'?
We worked at the mall
They said we like a guy with no muscles
"Oh they'll never work out at all"
And I was just that broke dude that worked next door
But can please donate some sex to the poor?
Baby, I see it
One day, we'll be drivin' in them crazy whips
I ain't gonna be workin' this grave shift 'til I'm 86
I ain't gonna be pushin' this broom
I ain't gonna be stayin' in my friend's room 
That's only one bedroom that I call my lair
We was V.I.P.
Very Imaginary Playas 
See why we, smoke our weed
You never let these rumors come between you and me
And that's good lookin' 
Plus you good lookin' 
Plus the hood lookin' 
So hold me down like B.I.G. held Brooklyn

Hold me down, don't go away (don't go)
Give me your love a million more days
In your arms, I wanna stay (stay)
I always wanna be with you
Anything you want me to do
Baby you know I'll do it for you (you)
(Hold me, show me that you do)