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Artist: Mariah Carey f/ Lil' Cease, Lil' Kim
Album:  Rainbow
Song:   Ex-Girlfriend
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[Lil' Cease]
Ex-girlfriend how you been 
Need the keys back to my bends
Like Deborah Cox if we in love then we can't be friends
Mariah, never duplicated, always imitated, gave you bad dreams
During any sex you can't help but yell cease!
Please, didn't I take you to benzes
I'll break your heart, my sexual fantasy's a work of art
Chill wit' Mariah, Kim and we on fire
But we won't stop and we can't stop

[Mariah Carey]
Here we go again, I don't think you are just friends
Stay away from her and then you'll see
You don't need she, your love is all for me

1-	Ex-girlfriend stay away from my man
	You had your chance now it's gone
	So you know just have to move on
	Soooo here we goooooo

2 -	[Mariah Carey/(Lil' Cease)/{Lil' Kim}]
	Ex-girlfriend how have you been
	I don't think that we can be friends
	(Check yourself before you wreck yourself)
	Ex-girlfriend how have you been
	I don't think that we can be friends
	{Uh Queen Bee baby, Mariah and Cease}

[Mariah Carey]
We aren't gonna see you
So don't go the places you've been
He has more money, and richer friends
Stop calling his house, or there are gonna be problems

Repeat 1
Repeat 2

Is this a dream or could it be
That my boyfriend is leavin' me
I need he, and I need his live
Ohhhhhhhhhh ex-girlfriend

[Lil' Kim]
Remember when you said that you would die for me
All you ever did was lie to me 
The day you said bye to me
I was like alright, why would this bitch put up a fight
Queen Bitch, he can't live without this
Who's the one with the biggest tits 
And best thrown fists
Can't stop me, Lil' Kim the Queen Bee
With Mariah, this girl is on fire 
And I need the weed to get me higher and higher
Knock me from the top, need sex to get me hot
And if not you ain't gettin' no (shhh) better move on
Ex, you know she ain't the best so why you always
Starin at her breasts
You need to move on before I do, and I can't live without you

Repeat 1
Repeat 2 until fade