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Artist: The Jonas Brothers f/ Common
Album:  Lines, Vines and Trying Times
Song:   Don't Charge Me For the Crime
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{*sirens and cop calls heard in background*}

[Common - Intro]
This is life in this World...
Some things go right, some things go wrong
This is how the World can be...
People just wanna be free, yeah..

[Common - rap verse]
The verdict came in and they said I was guilty
I looked at the judge, "Hey, America built me"
Tried to get rich, but they label me filthy
Only God can judge, touch me, feel me?

[Joe Jonas - verse 1ne] (Common)
My friend calls me at 9 o' clock
Says, "Get the car, it's time to rock"
Never heard him speak this way.
(Let's go, man)
I grabbed the keys and hit the road
It's all a flash but who would know 
how this story would unfold?
Don't charge me for the crime

[Chorus: Joe Jonas] (Common)
(Wrong place, wrong time)
Don't charge me for the crime
(Wrong place, wrong time)
Don't charge me for the crime

[Joe Jonas - Verse 2wo] (Common)
My friend gets in the car with bags 
filled to the top with loads of cash (See this paper right here?)
Puts his pistol on the dash...
(Yeah, it's time to get money now)
He says, "I'm sorry for the crime
that I've involved you in this time
You're the only friend I've got
so don't charge me for the crime"


[Joe Jonas - Verse 3hree] (Common)
I start to freak and scream so loud 
just like the females in the crowd
That's when he gets in the head...
(C'mon man, c'mon man! We gotta do this!)
"You could live just like a king
with everything you'd ever need
All the dreams of every man (Yeah...)
Don't charge me for the crime"


[Common - rap verse]
Siren soundin, my heart was poundin
I looked at my man as the cops surround him
A teen on the scene with, no objective
The American dream can be so deceptive

[Joe Jonas - Verse 4our] (Common)
Now I see the flashin lights
There goes my future and my life
Now I've gotta do what's right...
(Aw man...they got us, man they got us)
I stop the car and throw the keys 
Out of the window, sets me free 
I throw the pistol in the back
(Ah, ah, ah)
Throw him out of the car, I said, "You know me well
I'm not goin to jail, I'M NOT PAYING YOUR BAIL!" 
But even when I say

[Chorus becomes intensified]

Don't charge me for the, crime