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Artist: Mariah Carey f/ Snoop Dogg
Album:  Rainbow
Song:   Crybaby
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[Snoop] (Mariah)
Yo, what's that?
What you crying for?
Now you know you look to damn good to be crying (Do-do-do, yeah-yeah)
Come here, holla at a playa, DPG style, ya know, ya know

1 - [Mariah]
     When I think of our untimely end
     And everything we could have been
     I cry, baby I cry

Okay so it's 5 am and I still can't sleep
Took some medicine but it's not working
Someone's clinging to me and it's bittersweet
Cause he's head over heels but it ain't that deep
I finally changed my number got a different pager
Then last Saturday your cousin called to say you're trying to reach me
Probably because you see that I'm with someone new (what?)

1 - Late at night like a little child
     Wandering around alone in my new friend's home
     On my tippy toes, so that he won't know
     I still cry baby over you and me
     (Baby don't cry)

[Mariah] (Snoop)
Sipping Bailey's Cream, by the stereo (yeah, yeah)
Trying to find relief on the radio (ah, what's up?)
I'm suppressing the tears
But they start to flow
'Cause the next song I hear is the song I wrote
When we first got together early that September
I can't bear to listen so I might as well drift
In the kitchen pour another glass or two
And try to forget you
(Ya know, ya know)

Repeat 1

Baby here me when I say
Let that man be on his way
Don't even waste your time
And worry 'bout how he handle things
Baby here me when I say
A playa feeling good today
You know you're too fly to even waste your time
Watch how I handle things
Man you's a fool for this
But on the real dog I'm cool with this
We doing this
D-O double G Z-Y
Kiss the girls and make them cry

Repeat 1 (2x) w/ Snoop ad-libs

I don't get no sleep
I'm up awake
Can't stop thinking of you and me
And everything we used to be
And could have been so perfect
Still I cry, I cry, I cry
Oh I gotta get me some sleep
Baby and I cry, cry, cry, cry
Baby and I cry, cry, cry, cry…

Repeat 1(2x)

Baby and I cry, cry, cry, cry…
Baby and I…