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Artist: Gwen Stefani f/ Johnny Vulture (Andre 3000 of OutKast)
Album:  Love. Angel. Music. Baby.
Song:   Bubble Pop Electric
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[Intro - Gwen]
C'mon, Johnny! When you're gonna get here?

[Johnny Vulture]
Alright, hold your pretty horses, I'll be there in a minute
You just get yourself dolled up, alright Tootsie?
You pick a place! You just pick a place!

[Gwen] Um, Johnny?
[Vulture] Yeah, Gwennie-Gwen-GWEN?
[Gwen] You might wanna hurry
Because tonight, is theeeeeeeeeeeeeeee niiiiiiiight....

[Gwen Stefani - Verse One]
I'm empty, I need fulfilling
Yes I do love, a-to the ceiling
When I do love, I get this feeling
When I'm in love...
I'm restless
Can't you see I try my bestest
To be [a] good girl, because it's just us
So take me now, and do me justice
I'm waiting, a-patiently
Anticipating, your arrival
and I'm hating, it takes so long
to get to my house, to take me out

Tonight I'm gonna give you all my looooove in the backseat
Bubble, Pop, Elec-tric; Bubble, Pop, Elec-tric
Gonna speed it down and slow it uuuuuuup in the backseat
Bubble, Pop, Elec-tric; Uh-oh! In the backseat

[Verse Two]
Okay now
I understand he's on his way now
But jeez Louise, I mean today now!
I can't wait, I wanna play, now!
I'm antsy, Bubble Pop Electric pansies
My sweet tooth, I want your candy
The Queen of Eng would say it, randy [*laughs*]
I'm itchy
I wish you would come and scratch me
Tonight I'm falling, won't you catch me?
Swoop on by so you can snatch me
and take me out


The need to be satisfiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied
Come pick me up, I want a riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide
Hurry, hurry come to meeeeeeeeeeeee
Drive-innnnnnn movieeeeeeee
Drive innnnnnn move meeeeee
Drive innnnnnto meeeeeeeeeeeeee

[Gwen and Vulture's conversation overlaps bridge]
[*doorbell rings*]
[Gwen] I'll get it!! [*Gwen hurries downstairs to answer door*]
Hey Johnny! Lemme go grab my sweater
[Vulture] Hi, Mrs. Stefani
[Gwen - as she goes outside] BYE MOM!!
[Vulture] So, baby where you wanna go, huh?
[*car revs, then speeds away*]

[Break 2X]
Bubble Pop Electric, you've gotta get it
(Straight to me, drive-in movie)
Take it to the back seat, run it like a track meet
(Come to me, drive-in movie)

[Chorus, then the song adds Break into it]

[Johnny Vulture]
Yeah, tell your father, I said 'ello!

[Gwen Stefani]
Johnny, get outta here!

[*car then speed away as crickets chirp*]