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Artist: Black Buddafly f/ Fabolous
Album:  Waist Deep Soundtrack
Song:   Bad Girl
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Guess who? F to the A-B
Black Buddafly, let's go

And I'm a bad boy like Martin and Will
Show you what you been missin, like the kids on a carton of milk
Hey, I can snatch somethin bad out of the hood
And bring 'em back to the pad out by the woods
You know the crew bring the bad out of the good
And I'm usually not layin in the boozy spots
Girl we can blow quicker than uzi shots
Chill where the Cristal's cold, jacuzzi's hot, ya feel?

[Black Buddafly]
I ain't really the kind of girl that, who would
Say that I'm a bad girl, though I should
So many times I did what I thought was, alright
But ended up in pain and that's what I'm, like
I still believe and I'm hopin
That I will find real love
But right now it's not the time for, that
Cause I'm young and I'm bad and like, that

[Chorus One: Black Buddafly]
Ohhhhhhhh, do you feel me now?
Ohhhhhhhh, do you tell me now?
Ohhhhhhhh, ladies help me out
Ohhhhhhhh, what...

[Chorus Two: Black Buddafly]
Ey! If you feel me, move with me, and don't stop
Put your hands up, soon as the beat drops
Cause usually I'm not like this
But tonight I'm a baaaaaaad girl
I'm a baaaaaaad girl
And tonight we gonna show you how we get down

[Black Buddafly]
Don't think I'm inno-cent
My lip way got {?} I, went
Out there you know what you, you'll see different
Cause all the boys do these crazy, things
I like it so good and so deep
Like I said, the bitch tried to sleep
Don't get me wrong because I'm not a, hoe
I tell you where to step and when to, go

[Chorus One] + [Chorus Two]

[Chorus Two]

Once a good girl's gone bad, she's gone forever
Probably with me, enjoyin California weather
Hey mami we belong together, like the white & yellow
stones that's set into the prong together
And now a girl get into a stressed out mood
And go bad faster than left out food
They say it's the lazy flow the shorties love
It drive 'em crazy though like Courtney Love
I keep a bad one that's also a good cook
Fifth Ave classy mixed with the hood look
And my good looks dem bad for your health
And e'rybody know you can do bad by yourself, girl

[Chorus Two]

[Black Buddafly]
Do you feel me now?
Do you tell me now?
Ladies help me out