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Artist: Pretty Boy f/ Foxy Brown, Ma$e
Album:  Baby, Baby, Baby 12"
Song:   Baby, Baby, Baby

Mase:  You don't stop...we don't stop

P.Boy: Can I rock this track
Mase: Is fox on this track
F.Brown: Is mase in the back with the lala stacks

I'm that pretty cat pock a stick
Plus my whole city phat
Acting nicely, dissagree
Its like gimme that
Rock shows you wit the buggy
Gotta cop those, pop mose
Everything on top i drop those
Cromed out, suppose you not
Then its not those
Rock gold biggen the life
Make your block fold
All malicious, never personal
Its business
Heading for the green
Everybody gots their wishes
Pretty boy too swift
You ain't with fox
Who you wit
Make you sick
Plus we don't give a shit
Please do, cherry red
Regal in the summertime
Supple down
I'm tore down
Plus its hummer time
Bad with the baddest
Dom pool status
Tell me any label that wouldn't love to have this

Baby baby baby
Oh you drive me crazy
All i see in all my doe
Always seem to go to hoes

Yo, how you expect me to respect you
When you in the club looking sex you
Doin' things my ex do
Know i peeped ya
All you do is smoke refer
Everytime gold teeth blowing up my beeper
I'm  be the king 
Have my only queen
On the beach g-string
Lettin' me see things
We ain't together
Worried bout who seein' my chedder
You never go see what i'm doin'
You worried about who i'm screwin'
Thought you dissed me
You got dissed in the end
Now i'm twistin your friends
Drivin' a biggest benz
Since the day i left
Always stayed in debt
Then you got to save a check
Just to get an avel rex
Though it all
I'm a still go to the mall
Trick i'm another trick
Show you i don't love you trick


Pretty Boy:
When you saw the benz
Bet you thought it was my friends
Thought the hazel eyes was the contact lens
Thought the duplex was runnin' and you meant it
Now you know its mine
You gonna let me run up in it

Foxy Brown:
What you know about ballin'
True shot callin'
Nigga what you haulin'
I stay world tourin'
Tellin' all your mans how you scorin
Cristal dripping out the pussy
Straight pourin, you borin'
See a baller and i'm on it, we on it
Throw a little g and i lays it right on it

Pretty Boy:
We can drink cristal all night and get busy
Have ya hee hee hee hee howin like missy
Who is he
Pretty, aka nino brown
Rock every show
Gotta hoe every town

Foxy Brown:
Fuck it, i'm not a cheap shit
Gotta spend g's just to get between this
And i don't kiss the shit (nasty girl)
See you fucked wit a rebel
Mabato shit
I'm a daytona ice bezel
You ain't never seen no game like this
Name like this, say my shit save my shit
Even if its 3's
Mutha fucka please
Gotta get on his knees
Hit em for that cheese
Thought you had him under pressure too
Fuck you i gets him i choose to fuck you
I love dick
And thug shit
And die shit
I'll be good to ya
Player ask jigga

chorus 2x