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Artist: missjones f/ Mobb Deep
Album:  The Other Woman
Song:   Baby Maybe
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Baby maybe, you and I we can be
Be lovers, If you'd only let me
Show you baby, just how good love can be
If we hold on to each other for life

(verse 1)
I know you're well my love
And I ain't 'bout to give you up, oh no
I need you here always with me
So we can make each other happy, yeah

(chorus )

(verse 2)
My desire for you is so deep
Boy you got me losin' sleep
And I can't think of nothing else, I want you for myself
Boy I need you around

Memories, of you and me
And the way our love could be
I'm in the mood, mood for love
(Won't you bring all your love to me baby)
Aaaah, aaaah, aaah


(rap - Mobb Deep)
A-yo what, a-yo...
You kow you and me been through it all, thick and thin
Strong and long, from the beginning to the end
Our little son made us see the light that's right
From the night you gave birth, now we overstaying life
You thought I'ma treat her like my own till she grown
The four of us together make a powerful home
Fuck putting stones on your finger bone, 
here's a jewel for your ear
My love's goin' nowhere...
Yo, yo, yo...
Ashes to ashes, dust to dust
Stainless steel girlfriend, what, here's another lust
Yo you got me 'bout to bust, hold onto you like a crutch
Pour some henny in my cup while you sit and roll a dutch
Yeah, we'll buck the city island, on a major dig you wilin'
In the navigator stylin', know it's you that got me smilin'
Take the phone of the hook Miss, don't even answer that
I got that, what Duke, say I'll be right back

(chorus till fade...)