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Artist: Mary J. Blige f/ Nina Simone, Will.I.Am
Album:  The Breakthrough
Song:   About You
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[Will I Am]
Mary J Will I Am in the place with the love
Yeah, it feels, it feels good
Mary J, Will I Am
Tell 'em how ya feel

[Mary J]
Boy you got me goin' crazy
I don't know what to say anymore
Cuz still I wanna be your lady
You know that I would never walk out that door
I'm not giving up on us but
Things can get a little hard in this life
But you know, you know I love you

1 - 	You're everything I ever wanted
	Everything I've never wanted
	In a man, can't you see
	What you're doing to me

	I'm sayin' yes and sayin' no
	Because I don't want you to know
	How I really feel, how I really feel

	About you (You know how I feel)
	About you (You know how I feel)
	About you (How I feel, you know how I feel)

	So very happy with my life
	(It's a new life for me, yeah)
	(Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah)

You, you're the one for me
I don't wanna be free
Boy, you have rescued me
But sometimes I don't want to be bothered
Baby, don't think I am shady
Just adjusting to ya
I don't wanna confuse ya or even misuse ya
But I love ya, I love ya, yeah, yeah

Repeat 1

Ooh, so very happy with my life
So glad to have someone to hold me
So very happy with my life
I'm So glad, so glad, so glad

[Will I Am]
Baby, you a soul mama
Love's what I'mma bring to you 
Quick don't pause like a comma
Won't stall on ya when it's time to put it on ya
Don't call on a nother chick I'm callin' on ya
Won't trip on ya, I don't bring the drama
I won't dip out when it's trauma
I'm holdin' on mama, hold up, wait a minute
We've been through the down's up, but stayed in it
So glad that I've got you, that I got you
So glad that I got you, that I got you

Repeat 1

There it is