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Artist: Lil' Mo f/ Lil' Kim
Album:  Girl Next Door
Song:   10 Commandments
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[Intro: Lil' Kim] + (Lil' Mo)
*One, two, three*
Break 'em down Mo *Four, five*
Break 'em down
*One, two, three*
Break 'em down *Four, five*
(Don't leave your man 'round me
True playa for real, ask my man Chuck D)
Break 'em down Mo *One, two, three*
(How you keep yo' man in check
Gotta follow these steps) *Four, five*
*Six, seven, eight, nine, TEN*
Break it down

[Verse 1: Lil' Mo]
Ladies, I wrote me a manual
How to keep your man, there's rules you must follow
My 10 Commandments, oh oh oh
Let me break 'em down for you
Rule number one, never give 'em some on the first night
Rule number two, never bring your man around your crew
Rule number three, never call 'em first, let him call you
Rule number four, never let 'em know your every move
Rule number five, never tell 'em 'bout your past
How many other lovers you had, how many other lovers went bad
Make no exception, if you want it to last

[Chorus: Lil' Mo]
Girl you gotta understand it
If you wanna keep your man whipped
Follow my 10 Commandments
And he'll keep coming back for more

[Verse 2: Lil' Mo]
Rule number six, never mix business with pleasure
Rule number seven, never move in unless he tells you
Rule number eight, never tell your friends about your bedroom
Rule number nine, never let 'em know his shoe size
Rule number ten, shoulda been rule number one
Cuz if you give in on the first night
Make sure you grind that thang, scream his name
And he'll be yours for life
Cuz I know you get excited, and you just can't fight it
(And you wanna tell all your friends)
But you gotta make sure love's intact
If you don't remember I'll bring it back


[Breakdown: Lil' Mo] + (Lil' Kim)
Remember, there's no such thing
(Break 'em down Mo)
As giving him too much
When it comes to lovin' your man
(Break 'em down Mo)
It can never be enough
Cuz I know you get excited, and you just can't fight it
(And you wanna tell everybody)
But you gotta make sure love's intact
(Break 'em down Mo)
If you don't remember I'll bring it back

[Verse 3: Lil' Kim]
I been in this game for years, it made me an animal
Me and my girl Mo wrote ya'll manuals
A step by step booklet for you to keep...
... Your man in place and out the next girl face
Rule number one, never give a dude money
Girl don't be a dumby, let the homie stay bummy
Cuz once he start, he won't stop that's it
And all he gon' do is spend it on the next chick
Rule number two, before you give him some, it's your way
Shoppin', the new car, that's what I call foreplay
Now don't get me wrong, respect your man
But if dude get outta line, check your man
Rule number three should been number one to me
Never go down 'till he lick you 'round
Your neck, your back, your pussy and ass crack (Feel me?)
Four, five and six, very important lesson
Keep your man guessin', never let him see you stressin'
And if you love him, here's seven, eight, nine and ten
Never ever, ever mess with his friends
You see, follow these rules and you'll have mad bread to break up
House on the beach, and mad trips to Jacob
He'll be home at night, hookin' you a steak up
And keep comin' back for more on the wake up