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Artist: Prodigy f/ Kool Keith
Album:  The Fat Of The Land
Song:   Diesel Power

(all vocals by Kool Keith)

Yo, I used to check out lyrics and pump the formats
build with skill with technique, computer a that
my lyrical form is clouds on your brain storm
I get hyped, think, thought, flow, acrobat
sink the track, pump the track
dance missions clubs like pores react by strobe visions
and hurry up, more reflects on the dance floor
blowing up, and having mad people showing up 
packin' crowds, jam packed venues
needles collapes while atmospheres continuies
sprinkle that
win it like that, move it like that, hit it like that
the melody is phat
yo, I'm on the energy source
the cosmic boss with Prodigy
flippin' astrology
my intilects devour
with diesel power

close your mind drasticly, fantasticly
repeat 3x

win, spin back, rewind, diesel power
close your mind drasticly, fantasticly
it has to be, automaticly
check it out, you'd better work it out
change to another route
my techniques, stratagies, abilitys
will leave cords in mics hanging like spring leaves
you will try so fast between the here and now
lyrical tactics, vocal gymnastics
ease and ???, you get swept up
smacked up, backed up
your crew's all cracked up
check it, slow pitch, who's quick, you can't stick
my metaphor range is strange as angles
you get tangled
twsit inside affections
channels repeat, complete, can't be beat
check the hour texture
mind adventure, exploit the point
into tracks to devour
my intilects proceed
with diesel power


back attack the whack packs you faxin' me
you don't want none high quality action be
still standing, damaging your other manning
quick reverse, potent as the first verse
my amplifier, blows on your world's higher
world sire, cuts like a barb wire
record player, I pull up on you everyday
fast forward, I move and I swing toward
exit load, put your brain in the right mood
select and mix
the man will perfect and fix
heads lightly, bite me, copy, xerox, cock sand blocks
you can't knocks, I'm out there
up-beat, liftin', shiftin'
persistant intelligent kingpin flippin' astrology
as I roll with Prodigy
with diesel power


mono 7-0-6, 8-0-7-3
robot sonic