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Artist: Parappa the Rapper & 50 Cent
Album:  Robot Chicken (Eaten by Cats) *
Song:   Parappa Joins G-Unit
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

* [adult swim] block on Cartoon Network

Oh wow!
Yo y'all it's 50 Cent!

[50 Cent]
MC Smart, I'm kickin you out G-Unit
Parappa, you in!
G-G-G, G-G-G-Unit!

[50 Cent] + (Parappa)
50 and Parappa gonna make the track crunch
(Block, turnaround, kick-punch)
Yeah you know in the club we get down
(Kick, punch... turnaround)
When we kickin and punchin and blockin
Blockin and kickin all night (turnaround!)
Blockin and kickin and turnaround
We be punchin everything in the sight
As we proceed... tell me what you need...
Man this gon' platinum, I know I can feel it

That was fresh to death Parapps!
Here's your advance and royalty - a billion dollars

[Chop Chop Onion]
Parappa, you never returned my phone calls
So now eat bullets, and lick my balls!
{*automatic gunfire*}

[50 Cent]
Ahh, it's the tenth time I've been shot
Bullets are like food to me!