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Artist: Mike Will Made-It f/ Future, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne
Album:  Buy the World (S)
Song:   Buy the World
Typed by: AZ Lyrics

[Chorus: Future]
Hey hey hey, na na na
Tell me, what you think we hustle for?
I just wanna buy the world
Do the impossible
Sing it with me now, na na na
What you think we out here working' for?
I just wanna buy the world
Do the impossible
Hey hey hey

[Verse 1: Lil Wayne]
Bought a Benz for my baddest bitch
And let my niggas drive that motherfucker
I swear that court won't commendamize a motherfucker
Pray for us cause we be in and out that mothafucker
Lord, help us Lord, my bitch is beautiful, Helen of Troy
Just like assume I get ass from a star
I flip the script when they cast for the part
You ain't talking to me if you ain't talking money my nigga
Strength in numbers my nigga
And I'm number one like my muscles got bigger
Like my puzzles got figured
I spoil my kids, they so stubborn, my nigga
This is how shit is supposed to be, dawg
Rollie on my wrist and around my neck
I got a chain of command and a food chain on
Shoutout my dog lookin' at the four walls
Shoutout Candace for acceptin' my calls
Impossible ain't impossible at all

[Chorus: Future]

[Verse 2: Kendrick Lamar]
Nigga do that shit, nigga done that shit
Nigga any problem bet I overcome that shit
Twenty gold bottles I'm a drink on that shit
Twenty songs that I'm on number one that shit
My name gon' ring and my team gon' win
I shot a nigga once and I'd do that shit again
Put your hands on a Bible stealing candy at a store
To a black homicidal it's the same damn sin
Drop down, give me three points ho
K. Dot, give it to it how you want ho
I'm a show you what this West side about
I'm a pull up in a 'Rari at your grandmama's house, hey now
She got a nigga name in her mouth, hey now
T-O to M-O to ammo, I mean
My MO is zero, see commas, I promise
Now go tell your mama this dick ain't for free
This dick ain't, this dick ain't
This dick ain't, this dick ain't
This dick ain't for free
Touch that, I need cash back, transaction
I bust back in a all black Grand National
Hoodrats in the project if you ask 'em
They wanna buy the world, 10 racks on they taxes
Holiday cheers, tell 'em get checks with a bottle to the neck
Nigga get it how you live

[Chorus: Future & Lil Wayne]

[Outro x2: Kendrick Lamar & Kids]
I say hol up (hey!)
I just wanna ball like them grown ups (hey!)
Tell em catch me if they can
I switch gears then switch lanes
You know just what my mind's on these days
Keep singin' with me