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Artist: Mike G f/ Left Brain, Pheally Blunt
Album:  Verses (Mixtape)
Song:   Tellin You
Typed by: @OHHLAdotcom

[Pheally Blunt]
I'm a seven squad Afro General, gorilla grizzly
With a ET finger that fuck Monica Lawinsky
Insane in the membrane, Sparking up the Rick James
Fuck who you thought I was, bitches call me big main
Deranged lunatic, suicidal sicko
Filling my prescription up at LA Confidential
Got a chronic case of needing medication for my mental state
All the psychiatric dialog couldn't penetrate
My dome, my head, my skull, my cranium
Mainly cause my brain plate is laced with anti-anium
Mediterranean herb and this cup of syrup
Might make me sta, start, sta-stuttering my words
Rippin off my shirt like I'm Hulk Hogan (YOU KNOW MEAN GENE BROTHER)
Hot boxing in the Regal and I'm claustrophobic
Plus graphic my blunts stretch like Mr. Fantastic
High off that dragon breath now puff puff pass it

[Chorus: Mike G]
I'm tellin you on the coast that's how we roll
Roam the streets like the cops on patrol and stay gold
If they trip they pay a toll
Odd Future Wolf Gang man we on a roll
I'm tellin you on the coast that's how we roll
Roam the streets like the cops on patrol and stay gold
I'm telling you I'm to cold to control
You're too average to advance and I'm to hot to hold

[Mike G]
I can pull women at traffic lights, a color blur on turnpikes
If my shows were instruction you'd wanna learn twice
I'm, not one for jokes try not to tolerate no foolishness
180 Airs on I'm above every influence
A walking atomic bomb, shit that I be on
it borders phenomenon; might just inspire song
Most niggaz think most women are faithful but they're mostly wrong
Cause if she sees my car she might think I'm James Bond
We drink and smoke I teach my chick to blow them O's
I can wrap up health in the street to the studio
You know how the game goes, I just show you how to play it
Me and girls from videos get triple X rated
It's about the time, I'ma hold the game for ransom
Materialize from my imagination like Green Lantern
Never panic when problems arise, I shield my eyes
Cause bright lights blind sometimes when I drive
So feel the vibe


[Left Brain]
That's me! Yeah, this is what the West do
We put it in the air and we don't smoke no boops
Nigga this is Left Brain spittin in the booth
Rollin up the sticky and I'm sippin 100 proof
Chili cheese Fritos, chilling with my people
Rollin up that O.G. like a corn inside a burrito
Eating some chicken and waffles over there on Pico's
Or I might be copping some tacos over at Tito's
They say every picture tells a story
Yo' bitch looked at mine so she can't ignore me
I don't hit her up that much but she hit me up (uh)
You know how West coast niggaz is we don't give a fuck
So I'm tellin you I ain't goin no where (nah)
I'm be up on the West 'til I got grey hair (an old man)
Niggaz know it's Left Brain
on the motherfuckin base, the drum, the snare