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Artist: Mia X f/ Big Ed, Master P
Album:  Good Girl Gone Bad
Song:   Mission 2 Get Paid
Typed by: Lil Hustle

(Master P)
Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh 
2x - More money, more money
I'm like a bee, trying to make the honey 

[Master P]
I drop the switches on the 6-4, headed to the liquor store
Get me a 40 ounce and that crazy horse and that's how it go
I'm gone off indo-nesia
And surrounded in my large body, 4-30 skeezer
They trying to get me for my dollar bill, my crumb but I ain't going out
Hit the backstreets and put that dank in they mouth
But that nigga take some chase, nine in they face
Call my girl on the mobile phone, bring the yellow tape
And it's on cause we balling, and I'm doing this shit
For Richmond all the way back to New Orleans
Where them killers hang, I mean them gangstas slang
I got a two for three, four for five I'm counting bank
And Mia X bout to hook it up, real good
I'm Mr. Rogers, Sarah Lee, she's the neighborhood queen
And I'm doing this like g's do
And them niggas just mad cause we hit them with this voo-doo
Southern, mixed with this Cali style
And Master P don't give a fuck cause I could go about a hundred miles
When any nigga chase me, amaze me
Police mad cause a young nigga paid g
And No Limit keeps a nigga's pocket swoll like I'm on perole
Ain't got no love for y'all niggas that want to be the row
Throwing blows like Tyson
Right ones and left ones but ain't no nice ones
Cause I'm a nigga, coming high-er than Biggie
A nigga making bank so call me the young diggy-wiggy
I mean the Al Kapone, of this rap throne
And beat the row to any nigga that got it going on
And snatch your wallet out your pocket
Your arm out your socket, niggas hate me, cause I got it

No Limit niggas on a mission to get paid
Keep your hk cocked for the niggas that player hate
We on a mission to get paid, pulling all nighters
And keep that hk cocked for them fools that don't like us

[Mia X]
Heal to the toe, nigga you can't see me
Unless you guard your grill cause you sure gone feel me
Creeping on the come up on the mission to get, paid
Haters want to stunt up but they run up in my, face
To blackness the macstress I'm bout to get, wreck
I be the one and only baller, Mia X
Next to flex a hex so wicked on that, ass
Now who that, say that they knew that that bitch was bad
Packing mad flavor, it's in my nature to be, boss
To rat-a-tat-a-tat with plastic toys I mean go, off
Bring hella-noise, behind that F-E-D-D-Y
It's do or die, a ghetto bitch gone survive and try to stay alive
In 95, to position herself for that mission
To increase her wealth, the decision failed 
Years to lay it down, cause I'm coming
Running this street rap shit, ain't no fronting, I'm on a mission


[Big Ed]
Well it's the B-I-G-E here to make you holler
The last letter's D and the D stands for dollar
Sometimes I'm feeling my life is at a standstill
But I feel, that I can grow 7 figgas nigga, that'll be a mill
So let me chill, and organize strategically
Cause I'm a grown man and don't need my mama feeding me
So it's time to leave the, nest
Tims are getting harder, lives a little shorter
See this llelo, got my hood captivated
Innovated my spot, and major was the plot
So uh, I gots to make a decision with precision
Should I ball, slang dope, or rap for a living
But either all I gots to get them divid-ends
Cause the with my down south family to make some ends
So in this rap game there is no competition
Fool you better recognize No Limit, we on a mission


(Master P talking)
Uh, uh, uh, yeah, Master P in this bitch on a mission to get paid
With my girl Mia X, Big Ed in this bitch
We got that stupid dope game for y'all motherfuckers for the 9 fizzive
T-R-U in this bitch, uh, them Richmond niggas in this motherfucker
The New Orleans niggas, uh, uh, C-Murder in this bitch
King George, Cali G, young Silkk, Tre 8 in this bitch
No Limit, it's a No Limit thang so y'all better recognize