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Artist: MellowHype f/ Tyler, the Creator
Album:  YelloWhite
Song:   Rasta
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

Yeah; welcome to the show
I hope you like us - and if you don't, fuck you~!
Ha ha ha ha

[Hodgy Beats]
Black rasta band, fitted caps, no dreads
Look into the crowd, I see soldout heads
Tyler hit the drums while I pump up the fans
Left Brain with his shirt off, jumpin in the stands
Everybody hyped up and wavin they hands
Spotlight so bright man, we all gon' have tans
Take this purchase like grams, Odd Future goes harder
than sliced Thanksgiving honey roasted ham
Gettin butter to the jam, so jam
Start in the PM, and end in the AM
I spit Stride flows, gettin hit by the ram
I patrol control like the fuckin controller
These niggaz cryin, put 'em in a stroller
I strolls up in the fuckin Range Rover
Red Rover, green Rover and I'm fin' to run you over

Today's Friday, what do you do on Friday? You get high
You could hang with some friends, get some people, get together
You buy some tickets, you go see a great fuckin show
Ace, Hodgy Beats, Left Brain, bitch!
Welcome to the show! Welcome to the show, bitch!
I hope you like us! You should love us actually
We work hard
Now, I'm gon' introduce you
to the man on the drums
Ace the fucking Creator, bitch!

[Tyler, the Creator]
Roll up a dutchie, I don't smoke weed I do coke
but I guess that's why the white girls wanna fuck me
Man this bitch musty, man that nigga lucky
I bout to get his bitch and get that bitch to come and touch me
Bob Marley blarin, it's hot as fuck, sweaty
My skinny ass flexin so that fat bitches is sexin
My nigga Brain Leftin, Ohio like Cleveland
Niggaz in the evening, chillin like a villain in December
Drunk as fuck so I can't remember a thing
I'm 'bout to fall, timber
Odd Future rasta, I'm a fuckin monster
Loch Ness, throw me in the beach (comprende)
Man I got this bitch and her yeast on my tongue
Hopefully she cum - fuck~! Drunk off this rum
And she from the home of the fuckin Middle East
So her pussy bomb