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Artist: MellowHype (Hodgy Beats & Left Brain)
Album:  Numbers
Song:   Brain
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
I ain't walkin in the dark with my eyes closed man
Fuck that

Momma told me to use my brain
This is how I explain, explodin like a plane crash into a building
People speak with no effort of thought, hope or feeling
That's why the youth is fucked up now, adults killed them
I'm speaking cause I'm one of them, my sister is another one
You know that uncomfort numb? Nightmares I'm still runnin from
But I run from none, teeth gold like I'm South-ern
I won't be quittin and spittin until I'm number one
And the funny thing is I'm only 21
You niggaz tummy tucked, your music sucks
You're just another one of them niggaz who think they know it all
Well I know one thing, that boy is sure to fall, +Wolf Gang+

(You just think you know God damn motherfucking thing!)
No, I don't even think I know everything man
(You don't know nothin about life!)
What you talkin 'bout?
(The hell wrong with you? You need to listen to me!)
I am listening (I'm your elder! I'm your Grandpa!)
Grandpa why you trippin? (Shit!)
Man I'm out of here! (Come here boy!)

[Hodgy Beats]
I ain't playin with my life no more, I'm takin it serious
I never took it serious until shit got serious
Niggaz I hope you hearin this, bitches I know you feelin this
The sky ain't the ceiling take off the top, unrevealing
The world's a hungry villain corruptin the lovely children
That's such an ugly feeling, that's such a bloody dealing
Nobody wants you winning it, rather see you getting booked
Fingerprints and mug shots from guns caught in drug charges
When a man's just tryin to feed his family, somethin so harmless
The bigger picture enlarges in the hood we are a caucus
In the suburbs we're labeled targets
Can't even walk my ass through Target without bein targeted
Ready to kill us all and get us carpeted
Brrrap brrap fuck that nigga!
Put my motherfuckin gun up nigga this is USA bitch {*echoes*}

{*harmonizing "ahh, ahh ahh ahh" to 20 seconds before the end*}