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Artist: MellowHype f/ Mike G
Album:  Numbers
Song:   666
Typed by: OHHLA Webmaster DJ Flash

[Hodgy Beats]
I push the 8 ball, right across the pool table
Not basketball but I'm sayin my game could +fool+ April
It's such a marvelous day, and niggaz still'll hate you
Plant a tree, water the surroundings then wait to peel the grapefruit
Success is my escape route, drive it like a grey Coupe
License invalid, I'm headed to my palace
I'm a cowboy bitch I'm rowdy, music playin loudly
I'm fresh in my attire you boys just in the choir - oh!
I'm rollin sober, take your +King+ out of +Cobra+
No venom in 'em, open my hand to women
I'm about to Benjamin it, fuckin off as I spend it
In foreign countries, comfy and fuckin distinctive
Gold bitches wash my dick and clean the kitchen
Tatted with Golf Wang cats and stencils scripted where they dippin
If it ain't about a waffle then we dippin, bitch I'm too wide Expedition
Pay attention 'fore you miss it nigga listen

[Hodgy Beats]
I got your back like a spinal tap
Yoga mats, we run the bubble soda flat
Nigga Hulk attack, green snaps from doja raps
My +Wolves+ lurk where +Logan+ at
Wolf Gang musical chairs I fuckin fold your back
Rollin up weed and I'm dabbin the wax
You stick to the script hoe I get to the facts
Rippin through tracks like a train conductor
I'm givin them tasks I'm the instructor
The roof's on fire like DJ Khaled tour bus
Smokin on weed bitch I'm high as a kite
Breakin down more fin' to hop on this flight
Born a real nigga real nigga for life
Don't believe in the hype baby this MellowHype
Smoke good for the night, so I'm good for the night
I'm takin it back to the house
Goin to the hood for the night
Bats on heels nigga straps gon' kill
The cab no wheels, Jack told Jill
I don't like kinds of icons who python and so on
Let bygones be bygones and Tae Kwon the Doe on

[Mike G]
Damn; where I stand still fuckin awesome I am
Need chains with more rocks than rocks and sand in Iran
I, saute the chef and if its Hodg' you want to test
It will be one big room full of Triple 6 reppers
Always say that I'm lo key with my moves
cause I'm a ninja I don't like niggaz to see what I do
And my focus was on saving grace
'til I got that late call that Wolf killed Ace
Heard he sprayed up the place
Well I'm the Midnight Marauder that makes twilight music
And fans think I'm more awkward then Kristen Stewart
Couldn't do it without the losers that thought I wouldn't do it
No sympathy for the ones that never stuck to it
Attack 'em, rack 'em; wrap 'em in the back of a Buick
Wonder how my day goes, it ain't nothin but music
And wonder how I spend my evenings, see my kind of night would be
Nylon rope, duct tape, me and E' Marie